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Sterling Software Closes Acquisition of Spectra Logic's Storage Management Software Business


DALLAS, TX (April 16, 1999) - Sterling Software, Inc. (SSW-NYSE), an industry leader in storage management solutions for the enterprise, today announced the completion of its cash acquisition of Spectra Logic's distributed systems storage management software business. The acquisition was completed April 15, 1999, and Spectra Logic's software business has been folded into Sterling Software's worldwide storage management business. Other terms were not disclosed.

Renamed SAMS:Alexandria™, Spectra Logic's flagship backup product has been added to the Storage Management Division's SAMS product portfolio. The product was formerly called Alexandria Backup and Archive Librarian. SAMS products deliver unparalleled, field-proven management and control capabilities across the enterprise. These products help ensure that mission-critical storage systems, including the revenue-producing data they capture and the applications that depend on this data, are continuously available.

Sterling L.Williams, president and chief executive officer of Sterling Software, said: "We are very pleased to be able to offer our customers a high performance backup solution as powerful as SAMS:Alexandria. In addition to solving the pressing need for continuous database and application availability, the synergy of SAMS:Alexandria with the existing strength of our SAMS product portfolio enables this, our 32nd acquisition, to place Sterling Software in the lead position in end-to-end storage management solutions for the enterprise."

Through the acquisition of Spectra Logic's storage management software business, Sterling Software's Storage Management Division, headquartered in Sacramento, California, adds a Boulder, Colorado-based SAMS:Alexandria development team. In addition, SAMS:Alexandria will be distributed internationally by the international operations of Sterling Software's Systems Management Group, which have direct offices in 16 countries and distributors and agents in an additional 29 countries.

As a high-performance backup product, SAMS:Alexandria combines both speed and reliability in backing up very large databases without interrupting critical business operations. SAMS:Alexandria delivers tremendous backup capabilities, low resource consumption, and extreme fault tolerance to the backup of Oracle, Informix and SAP R/3 databases. It also provides complete, automated, client/server backup of both UNIX databases and file systems, as well as Windows and Windows NT clients. In combination with SAMS:Vantage™, Network Edition - the only storage management system that can centrally report on, monitor and automate across Windows NT, NetWare, UNIX and OS/2 environments - SAMS:Alexandria is a superior solution to the problem of database and application availability.

"The addition of SAMS:Alexandria enables us to deliver the fastest hot-backup for our customers' primary needs: the ability to keep their critical applications running while backing up databases and continuing to run their businesses," said F.L. Mike Harvey, president of Sterling Software's Systems Management Group. "SAMS:Alexandria's speed virtually eliminates backup downtime so that critical data is continuously available. Along with the strong automated management capabilities of our SAMS product line, we have extended our ability to deliver end-to-end, policy-based storage management for large-scale operations."

Sterling Software is a leading provider of software and services for the application development, information management, systems management and federal systems markets. The company is ranked among BusinessWeek's 1998 "Info Tech 100" as one of the world's best performing information technology companies. Headquartered in Dallas, Sterling Software has a worldwide installed base of more than 20,000 customer sites and 3,600 employees in 90 offices worldwide. For more information on Sterling Software, visit the company's web site at www.sterling.com.


Sterling Software Editorial Contact
Cindy Foor
Sterling Software, Inc.
(214) 981-1000


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