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Chicago, IL, April 19, 1999 -- System Software Associates (NASDAQ: SSAX), and Manugistics Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: MANU) today announced a joint development, sales, and marketing agreement to deliver integrated supply chain solutions to their mutual customer bases worldwide. The agreement aims to optimize the supply chain solutions of joint SSA and Manugistics' customers while reducing implementation times and project costs.

Under terms of the agreement, SSA will participate in Manugistics' Open Application IntegrationTM (OAITM) program and build a certified Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) "plug-in" for Manugistics' supply chain planning solution.

Through a joint sales and marketing agreement, Manugistics' suite of products will be offered as part of SSA's enterprise solution. In addition, Manugistics and SSA will provide customer support for their products within the comprehensive solution, delivering one-stop shopping for customers across the world. The Manugistics/SSA relationship is already evident at more than 40 client sites to date, including Campbell Soup Company and Allied Domecq PLC.

"The focus of this alliance is to deliver and support the only integrated solution that will provide rapid results to our significant existing SSA client base as well as future joint clients," said William M. Gibson, Chairman and CEO of Manugistics. "We have developed a unique and comprehensive approach to delivering value to our clients. Together, Manugistics and SSA will help companies achieve solid business benefits faster and obtain a greater return on investment."

"We selected Manugistics' supply chain solution for our targeted markets not only because of its leadership position in those markets, but, more importantly, due to its functional and innovative product suite," said William M. Stuek, Chairman and CEO of SSA. "The level of integration brings this partnership to a new level, significantly reducing the costs and risks associated with integration and allowing corporations to focus on the business benefits of optimizing supply chains."

About SSA
Headquartered in Chicago, System Software Associates is a leading worldwide ERP software and services provider with fiscal year 1998 revenue of $421 million. SSA has the largest installed base of ERP systems on the IBM AS/400 platform, has a growing presence on the Hewlett-Packard UNIX platform and is aggressively developing an NT product with Hewlett-Packard. SSA's principal product, eBPCS, serves as a flexible core system that easily integrates third-party software. SSA is solidly entrenched in the industrial sector, providing best-of-industry solutions to the pharmaceuticals, consumer packaged goods, automotive supply, chemicals, electronics, food and beverage, and general manufacturing industries. For more information, visit SSA's Website at www.ssaportfolio.com.

About Manugistics
Headquartered in Rockville, Md., Manugistics Group, Inc. is a leading provider of solutions for customer-centric supply chain optimization and has the largest global client base of any supply chain provider. The company's solutions are used by more than 850 companies to improve the flow of product within and among companies from raw materials or parts through manufacturing to delivery of product to the end customer. Manugistics' solutions uniquely allow its clients to create and optimize their supply chains around their customers and are quick to implement, adapt easily to change, and deliver rapid results. Its clients include leading companies such as Compaq, DuPont, Harley-Davidson, Nestle, and Wal-Mart.


System Software Associates Editorial Contact
Charles Spofford
System Software Associates
(508) 893-7100


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