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Sequent Offers Internet-Based IT Training

Sequent educational services taps into the growing IT training market with a distance learning program that is on the leading-edge of interaction and capability

BEAVERTON, Ore.—April 13, 1999—Sequent Computer Systems, Inc. today announced the addition of Internet-based virtual classroom training as part of its educational service offerings in North America. The program provides IT professionals with a flexible alternative to traditional classroom-based training while saving students both time and money.

Sequent® now provides its entire curriculum of over thirty-five courses over the Internet. The courses supply customers with information they need to ensure best practices in the data center. Classes currently being offered include: Implementing a database in Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Windows NT for UNIX system administrators, managing Oracle on Sequent, Managing Alexandria on Sequent, Managing EMC on Sequent, DYNIX/ptx for UNIX system administrators and ptx/clusters administration.

"The growth of web-based training is the result of several factors including the worldwide coverage of the Internet, the Web's adherence to HTML standards and the need to train globally dispersed students," says John Nee, Sequent Educational Services Manager for North America. "Sequent's innovative Distance Learning program offers customers a cost effective and time efficient method for receiving the latest training via the Internet."

Information technology is a dynamic industry that consistently presents challenges for IS managers in keeping personnel skill levels up to date. Companies need to continually maintain the skill levels of their information services personnel, but allocating the time and the costs of travel and accommodations is a considerable obstacle. Distance learning is a solution companies will take advantage of more and more to keep IS professionals trained in using the latest data center hardware and software.

Sequent's Web-based virtual classroom offers students a flexible format, two-way interaction with the instructor and other students through live streaming audio, and the ability to quickly customize content to meet specific training needs.

Sequent instructors, using proven software from Centra, have conducted Internet-based training for internal employees for the last two years. Centra software, also used in the Distance Learning program, offers superior capabilities such as live streaming data, a standard Web browser, two-way communication, application sharing, digital whiteboard, bulletin board and chat capabilities. These features contribute considerably to the total effectiveness of distance learning.

The Sequent IT courses are modeled after existing courses including the 50-50 lecture/lab ratio. Each course comes with a materials kit and students must have headphones and access to a Windows-based PC with sound capability. Tuition prices for on-line courses are less than standard lecture-based courses. For more information about Sequent Internet-based training visit www.sequent.com/training.

About Sequent Computer Systems, Inc.

Sequent Computer Systems (Nasdaq:SQNT), the leader in Intel-based solutions for the data center, is committed to the success of its end-user and system integrator customers. Sequent's platform architectures and services are optimized for the scalability, availability and manageability requirements of corporate and institutional data center environments leveraging industry-standard technologies and best-in-class partnerships.

Sequent supports more than 10,000 installations worldwide, including many of the world's largest and most sophisticated OLTP, DSS and RDBMS applications.

For further information, phone Sequent at (503) 626-5700 or (800) 257-9044, or visit our Web site at www.sequent.com.


Sequent Contact
Mike Fay, mikefay@sequent.com
(212) 317-5710


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