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PeopleSoft and Cisco Complete Initial Collaboration to Link Applications and Networks

PLEASANTON, CA -- April 5, 1999 -- PeopleSoft and Cisco Systems today announced the general availability ofCiscoAssure services for PeopleSoft, software and middleware that will allow customers to prioritize and protect PeopleSoft data traffic on Cisco networks. PeopleSoft and Cisco have delivered policy templates, implementation guidelines, and test reports to guide customers in the deployment of CiscoAssure services on their PeopleSoft systems.

A pivotal component of CiscoAssure is Cisco's QoS Policy Manager, which was announced last week to help organizations control and automate quality of service (QoS). The CiscoAssure initiative allows customers to tightly integrate business policies with network behavior, giving organizations greater control of their resources. The alliance between PeopleSoft and Cisco delivers a first-of-its kind solution, allowing customers to isolate and protect applications controlling their most vital operations.

"As applications become more complex and crucial to enterprise success, the networks that enable those applications need to become more application-aware," said Joe Hielscher, director of marketing for CiscoAssure at Cisco Systems. "CiscoAssure enables IT managers to gain control over the application of network resources to business-critical applications, and to ensure predictable performance and high availability for these important resources."

"There are few things more important to me as an I.T. professional than knowing that my PeopleSoft data is being transacted quickly and consistently," said Bill Gemza, director of IT Projects at United Water Resources Inc. in Harrington Park, New Jersey. "Testing CiscoAssure on our PeopleSoft system will enable us to demonstrate the benefits we will reap by using a policy networking product to protect the bandwidth of our business-critical applications. The ease of use and interoperability guidelines delivered by PeopleSoft and Cisco with CiscoAssure will allow simplified deployment across a wide-ranging network."

With the delivery of Cisco QoS Policy Manager, PeopleSoft customers will be able to improve and control the quality of service for crucial business functions such as financial transactions and payroll. Early adopters of the PeopleSoft Business Network will see additional benefits by leveraging CiscoAssure. Application-aware networking will allow organizations to make PeopleSoft content available to a much broader base of users throughout the enterprise.

"Today's announcement with Cisco marks progress toward the goal we set last year -- to speed the flow of critical PeopleSoft business information on Cisco networks," said Marc Stillman, vice president of the Alliance Solution Center at PeopleSoft. "This alliance also provides a key performance foundation for the PeopleSoft Business Network, which is designed to bring relevant information to every person in the enterprise, giving people the power to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively."

"KPMG is ready and willing to assist customers in the deployment of PeopleSoft applications with CiscoAssure solutions," said Michael Donahue, global partner-in-charge of the PeopleSoft practice at KPMG LLP. "With the proliferation of vital networked applications being deployed across the enterprise, we see great value in the combination of PeopleSoft applications and CiscoAssure. Customers will be able to protect the PeopleSoft applications that run their most important business processes, assuring operational confidence and the ability to safely deploy other applications."

Proven Network Protection
Cisco labs and the PeopleSoft Alliance Solution Center have independently established that CiscoAssure services are highly effective in protecting PeopleSoft network traffic. When Cisco Policy-based Quality of Service was applied to a PeopleSoft system on a congested network, PeopleSoft transaction times remained consistent, even as other network traffic experienced high levels of congestion. For more information on CiscoAssure, see http://www.cisco.com/ciscoassure.

About PeopleSoft
PeopleSoft (NASDAQ: PSFT) is a global supplier of enterprise application software for business, education, and government. PeopleSoft solutions for manufacturing, supply chain, financial, project and human resource management are used by more than 2,900 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, PeopleSoft employs more than 6,600 people and had 1998 revenues of $1.3 billion. PeopleSoft is on the World Wide Web at www.peoplesoft.com.

Peoplesoft Contact
Bill Cox
PeopleSoft, Inc.
925 694 7055


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