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Newbridge Networks Announces Market Leadership Position in Europe

Newbridge Leads All Equipment Vendors in Multiservice ATM and Frame Relay Networks

MAIDENHEAD, U.K., April 7, 1999 -- Newbridge Networks (NYSE: NN; TSE: NNC) today announced it leads the multiservice asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) and frame relay wide area network (WAN) switch market in Europe. According to a report recently published by Dataquest, a Gartner Group company, Newbridge leads the market with a 27.5 percent market share.

"This research confirms our position as the leading vendor of ATM multiservice solutions in Europe and reaffirms our global industry leadership position," said Pearse Flynn, Executive Vice President, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Newbridge Networks. "The Newbridge® portfolio of ATM-based multiservice, multi-access products provides for our customers today and we are evolving this comprehensive solution to meet the future needs of the more than 325 service provider customers worldwide who are deploying the Newbridge platform."

The Newbridge leadership position in the European multiservice ATM marketplace is complemented by Dataquest's 1998 North American WAN Market Share and Forecast report. Dataquest identified Newbridge as the leader in revenue and shipments of ATM backbone switches in North America with 34.4 percent market share.

The Dataquest findings are also reinforced by a Vertical Systems Group report that Newbridge is the global market share leader in delivering ATM solutions for carriers and Internet service providers (ISPs), with 22.3 percent market share.

Newbridge Networks designs, manufactures, markets and services networking solutions to organizations in more than 100 countries. The Company leverages its relationship with a growing family of Newbridge Affiliate companies and strategic alliances with Siemens and 3Com Corporation to deliver seamless, end-to-end solutions. Newbridge customers include the world's 325 largest telecommunications service providers and more than 10,000 corporations, government organizations and other institutions. Founded in 1986, the Company employs more than 6,000 people on six continents. News and information are available at www.newbridge.com.

For more information, contact Corporate Communications.


Newbridge Networks Contact
Paul Goyette
Tel: (613) 591-3600



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