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LSI Logic Chooses Mentor
Graphics in Contract for
Design and Verification Tools

WILSONVILLE, Ore., April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq: MENT - news), the technology leader in verification, today announced a contract with LSI Logic (NYSE: LSI - news), which reinforces a significant long-term alliance between the companies. Under the terms of the agreement, Mentor Graphics' design and verification tools become part of LSI Logic's circuit design flow.

``LSI Logic demands a reliable circuit design flow to deliver complex system-on-a-chip solutions which enable our customers faster time to market with cutting-edge designs,'' said Thomas Daniel, vice president, ASIC technology, LSI Logic Corporation. ``Mentor Graphics' verification tools provide a focus on speed, integration and flexibility to meet the needs of the customer.''

``Mentor Graphics has a track record in developing state-of-the-art integrated design and verification tools for advanced systems-on-chip design,'' said Don Guiou, vice president, Mentor Graphics Corporation. ``Having LSI Logic use Mentor Graphics' tools is a validation of our technical strengths. We value our partnership with LSI Logic, and commit our support to serving their customers.''

Under the terms of the agreement, LSI Logic will license and employ Mentor Graphics' AccuSim II® and Continuum(TM) integrated design environment, comprised of the high-performance Eldo(TM) analog simulation kernel and ModelSim(TM) digital HDL simulator. These industry leading simulation technologies enable engineers to model complex mixed-signal designs in an integrated, top-down environment.

LSI Logic has incorporated Calibre in its physical verification flow. To address the challenge of designing ICs at deep submicron levels, LSI Logic will expand its commitment to the Calibre tool family, the industry leader for deep submicron physical verification.

LSI Logic will license the Mentor Graphics IC Station tool suite, thus providing customers with major productivity increases though schematic-driven layout. LSI Logic will also implement the xCalibre(TM) open-architecture extraction flow, which analyzes the physical effects of designing at deep submicron levels.

LSI Logic renewed its commitment to Mentor Graphics as its ATPG (automated test pattern generation) supplier for the next three years. LSI Logic chose the Mentor Graphics' FastScan tool as its choice for both internal design on CoreWare® and for design center support of its customers. Every LSI design center (DC) is equipped with the FastScan and DFT Advisor tools and DC application engineers are trained on Mentor Graphics' industry-leading ATPG tools as well.

About Mentor Graphics

Mentor Graphics Corporation is a world leader in electronic hardware and software design solutions, providing products and consulting services for the world's largest electronics and semiconductor companies. Established in 1981, the company reported revenues over the last 12 months of $490 million and employs approximately 2,600 people worldwide. Company headquarters are located at 8005 S.W. Boeckman Road, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-7777. World Wide Web site: http://www.mentor.com.



Mentor Graphics Editorial Contact
Corporate Communications
Mentor Graphics Corporation
503/ 685-4830


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