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Lucent announces Call Centre ValuePac in Japan



TOKYO, JAPAN -- Lucent Technologies (NYSE: LU), the market leader for high-end call center solutions in Japan, today announced a customer care business solution called Call Center ValuePac in Japan. This offer is specially designed for small- and mid-sized businesses in Japan.

The Call Center ValuePac offers companies a small- to mid-sized call center with big business functionality at attractive savings.

Said Mark (Masayasu) Uno, managing director, Business Communications Systems, Lucent Technologies Japan: "Customer service continues to be a key differentiator for every business. The Call Center ValuePac offers a cost-effective way for a business to provide superior service to internal and external customers."

Included in the package are all the components necessary to provide a full functioning Call Center for agent sizes from 6 to 25 agents. Options include Computer Telephony Integration capability that enables businesses to integrate the front and back office environment through a variety of industry software packages.

The package's core platform is Lucent's DEFINITY® ProLogix™ Solutions which is designed to meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses with sophisticated telephony needs. This system offers great scalability to support expansion to more than 100 agents. If further expansion is required, customers can easily upgrade their ProLogix system to a DEFINITY® Enterprise Communications Server (ECS) system that can readily support more than 500 agents.

Uno said "The customers need a small Call Center that's affordably priced and has all the robust capabilities of a much larger call Center. The small call Center is part of a larger operation with sophisticated applications such as computer telephony integration, interactive voice response and voice mail."

Lucent provides up to a full day of NetCare® Professional Service support at the initial stage of call Center introduction. NetCare Service will enhance business ability to successfully start up the call center including agent set up, call flow management and supervisor training.

Lucent's premium software is also bundled into the Call Center ValuePac. It includes:

  • Call Center Software: this powerful Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and intelligent routing software lets customers decide exactly how they want to handle each call. Capabilities include routing based on day of the week, time of day, and number of agents available. Customers can also integrate data into the call-handling process to manage routing based on changing conditions in their call Centers. Callers can be greeted with a call prompt menu of options and use a touch-tone keypad to select a destination.
  • VuStats Sotfware: this capability enhances agent performance by providing a visual display on their phone of real-time and historical data in 50 different formats.
  • Basic Call Management System Vu: BCMS Vu is an easy-to-use management reporting application that provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable call Center managers to improve call Center performance and provide world-class service. Features include: the ability to store call Center data for a minimum of one year, a graphical view of real-time data such as number of calls waiting, number of available agents, average talk time etc.
  • Call Prompting: call prompting uses specialised vector commands to provide flexible handling of incoming calls based on information collected from the calling party in applications.
  • Automatic Call Distribution/Vectoring training: this CD-ROM-based, self-paced training gives customers all the information they need to maximise the effectiveness of their call Center operation. Customers benefit from comprehensive, interactive training, anytime, anywhere.

The Call Center ValuePac will be available in May in Japan.

Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Murray Hill, New Jersey (USA), designs, builds and delivers a wide range of public and private networks, communications systems and software, data networking systems, business telephone systems and microelectronic components. The company's Web site is http://www.lucent.com. For information on Lucent Technologies Business Communication Systems in Asia Pacific see http://www.lucent.com/bcs_apac.


Lucent Editorial Contact
Kaoru Takamatsu Matsui
Lucent Technologies - Japan
Office (813) 5561-3304


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