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Lexmark announces NDPS gateway for Novell NetWare 5


-- New gateway gives customers an easy to use management and print solution for Lexmark printers --

LEXINGTON, Ky., March 15, 1999 -- ---Lexmark International, Inc. today announced a gateway for Novell NetWare 5.0 using Novell Distributed Print Services 2.0. The new solution makes it easy for customers to get powerful management capabilities for Lexmark network printers. The NDPS TCP/IP gateway and printer control page for NetWare Administrator (NWAdmin) provides an intuitive graphical user interface for access to information about Lexmark printers including:

  • event-driven notification providing real-time printer status
  • a dynamic picture of the printer's configuration including installed options
  • alerts for toner low, paper low and output bin nearly full, helping prevent problems before they happen
  • notification when the last page of a job has completed printing

"This new gateway solution gives our NetWare customers the powerful management capabilities they expect from Lexmark," said Keith Moody, general manager of application solutions marketing at Lexmark. "Novell's NDPS architecture made it easy for Lexmark to quickly deliver this tightly integrated management application."

Setup and configuration of Lexmark printers is easy with automatic detection of new printers and installation of printer drivers. An administrator can even remotely configure the printer using a virtual operator panel accessed through NWAdmin. The new NDPS gateway solution allows administrators and help desk staff to monitor and troubleshoot Lexmark printers without leaving their workstation, improving productivity.

"We're pleased to be demonstrating Lexmark's new NDPS gateway solution for NetWare 5 at Brainshare," said David Trotter, vice president of worldwide OEM sales at Novell. "This powerful set of printer management tools coupled with our NetWare applications will significantly reduce the amount of time our customers spend managing their printers."

Novell will demonstrate the new NDPS gateway solution at the NetWare 5 Technology Expo at Brainshare, March 22-26 in Salt Lake City.

Lexmark's NDPS gateway solution for NetWare 5.0 is available free of charge through Lexmark's web site at www.lexmark.com, Novell's web site at www.novell.com and will be in future releases of Novell's NDPS.

Lexmark International, Inc. is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing solutions and products, including laser, inkjet and dot matrix printers and associated consumable supplies for the office and home markets. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lexmark International Group, Inc. (NYSE: LXK). Lexmark is on the internet at www.lexmark.com.


Lexmark Editorial Contact
Chris Snapp



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