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Informix Joins the Associated Press as an Early Adopter of Emerging Media Control Standard


LAS VEGAS—April 20, 1999—Informix® Corporation (NASDAQ:IFMX), the technology leader in enterprise database-powered solutions, and The Associated Press (AP), a leading provider of news and news technology services and systems to broadcast organizations worldwide, announced today that Informix will become an early adopter of the emerging Media Object Server (MOS) standard. MOS protocols will enable the AP's Electronic News Production System (ENPS) to interface seamlessly with Informix's database in a variety of news room environments.

The MOS communications protocol provides a real-time, interactive link between media object servers and newsroom systems made by a variety of vendors. A media object server stores video, audio, still photographic images and character generated images. This link enables media industry customers to choose desktop editing and media storage components from a wide array of vendors without fear of incompatibility.

The Informix application of the MOS protocol is an extension of AP's ongoing development projects for major broadcast networks and stations looking for expandable, reliable control of external media systems. The integrated solution can now be replicated throughout the industry to allow customers to choose the newsroom computer system and media server best suited to their needs.

"We are pleased that Informix is working with us as an early adopter of the new MOS standard," said Mike Palmer, technology development manager for AP's broadcast technology group. "The work that we have done together can now be applied to other customers and newsroom computer systems, both large and small."

ENPS combines standard hardware and operating systems with a unique, intuitive user interface, allowing journalists to use "drag and drop" techniques for almost every function. System features include a fully integrated search engine, scripting, program lineups, planning, contacts, messaging, news wire management and remote access capabilities. ENPS also allows users to work with information from any newsroom throughout the organization, rather than limiting access to material at a single location.

"This solution gives broadcasters greater control over their news stories - from inception to transmission," said Carolyn Layne, vice president of Informix's Media Business Unit. "The ENPS and Informix combination adds an increased level of performance and reliability that can meet the needs of any broadcast environment."

Informix and AP have developed a standard plug-in for the Informix Dynamic Server™ using the MOS protocol to easily link their systems together via Active-X technology.

The ENPS and Informix application will be demonstrated in the Informix booth at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention and exhibition, April 19-22, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Informix booth (S-2073) is located in the Sands Expo Center, Level 2.


About The Associated Press

AP provides news, audio, graphics, video and software services to more than 15,000 television and radio stations, networks and newspapers in 112 countries worldwide. Founded in 1848, AP is a member-owned and member-driven news cooperative, employing more than 3,500 staffers in 239 bureaus. Its broadcast division is based in Washington, D.C.


About Informix

Informix Corporation, based in Menlo Park, California, provides innovative database products that help the world's major corporations to attain competitive advantage. Informix is widely recognized as the technology leader for corporate computing environments ranging from small workgroups to very large parallel processing applications. Informix's database server, application development tools, superior customer service, and strong partnerships enable the company to be at the forefront of major information technology solution areas including media and publishing, data warehousing, high performance OLTP, and Web/e-commerce. For more information about how Informix can help you in your industry, contact the sales office nearest you or visit our Web site at www.informix.com.



Informix Editorial Contact
Informix Public Relations
(650) 926-6300



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