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Imation Adds New Press Analysis Service to Expanding Portfolio of Color Services and Tools for the Packaging Market

CHICAGO (April 12, 1999) – Imation Corp. (NYSE: IMN) today announced a unique new service designed to help package printers measure and benchmark press performance based on any color set, providing a powerful color validation and quality control capability.

Called the Imation Press Analysis Service, the new offering is particularly useful in package printing where custom color sets are the norm. The Imation Press Analysis Service relies on a spectral-based color measurement software tool to create accurate and measurable press targets based on optimal conditions. This target helps printers meet the stringent printing requirements of consumer goods manufacturers by analyzing color output on press and comparing it with an accurate benchmark of optimal print output.

Southern Graphic Systems is one of the world’s largest packaging prepress firms serving the packaged and consumer goods markets. "We see Imation’s software tool as the best way to analyze graphics on press," said Bill Jochim, technology director and general manager, Southern Graphic Systems. "This software gives us the ability to analyze color in-process and view press performance on spot or line colors. The result is an overall improvement in consistency and the ability to get up to color more quickly."

Rock-Tenn, one of North America’s leading manufacturers of packaging, has also recently begun testing the Imation Press Analysis Service and software tools. "We see huge potential in this," said Tom McMonigal, rotogravure manager, Rock-Tenn, St. Paul, Minn. "By building digital files of the color on press, the measurements help remove the subjectivity of determining color accuracy. Moreover, the Imation system’s reporting and analysis capabilities will allow us to demonstrate that what the customer signed-off on is truly the final printed color."

Imation’s software tool provides a fast and accurate way to compare key variables such as density, dot gain curves and spectral data between press output and the established benchmark, allowing operators to identify specific deviations from the target so that press adjustments can be made.

"Unlike commercial printers who can calibrate the press to CMYK or GRACol standards, packaging printers use a wide variety of custom color sets printed with non-CMYK inks, often developed for their consumer goods customer. This makes it difficult to ensure consistency of color output from print to reprint or from site to site," said Neal Potter, Imation packaging markets business manager, "This new offering provides a way to establish targets for your specific customer’s need and then use spectral analysis to compare subsequent output to ensure that the press is printing to the customer’s standard."

Once the optimized test form has been printed under the desired press conditions, Imation color specialists analyze the results and create a benchmark for the press. Typically, an Imation color specialist can set up the process for a single color set in one day. The same service and software can be applied to any color output device – including printing presses, analog and digital proofing systems. Service costs will vary depending on the end user’s specific need. The service will be available from Imation beginning in June 1999.

Based in Oakdale, Minn., Imation supplies a variety of products and services worldwide for the information and image management industry, specializing in data storage, color management and imaging solutions. The company manufactures and markets digital and conventional color proofing systems, including the industry-standard Matchprint color proofing system, Rainbow color proofing systems, digital prepress software and brand and media asset management software and solutions to customers worldwide. In 1998, the Company reported revenues of approximately $2.0 billion. As of December 31, 1998, Imation employed approximately 6,400 people worldwide.


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