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IDT Expands High-Performance Logic Families to Offer Industry's Most Complete Product Line


SANTA CLARA, Calif., February 1, 1999– IDT (Nasdaq: IDTI), a leading supplier of high-performance family logic and clock management products, today announced that it has significantly expanded its next-generation Advanced Low-Voltage CMOS (ALVC) and Low-Voltage CMOS (LVC) logic families with the introduction of 680 new logic devices. With today’s announcement, IDT now provides the industry’s widest range of high-performance logic solutions for PC, networking and telecommunication products with multiple packaging options including PicoGate (single-gate logic) devices, as well as devices with 4- to 36-bit-wide footprints.

IDT’s extensive product portfolio of 836 logic parts now covers every ALVC/LVC function on the market and includes nearly 450 devices that are second sourced under an agreement with Texas Instruments. In addition, the LVC specification enables IDT to replace existing LCX devices with equivalent LVC functions.

"Today’s announcement dramatically affirms ALVC/LVC as the industry standard for high-performance family logic," said Tony Walker, director of marketing for IDT’s logic products division. "As designers of space-critical, low-voltage applications adopt the ALVC/LVC standard, IDT’s comprehensive offering allows customers to source all their high-performance logic requirements from a single supplier."

Product Family Features

For high-density design capabilities, the high-speed logic families include bus interface functions such as buffers, line drivers, switches, transceivers, flip-flops, latches, gates and multiplexers/demultiplexers. The ALVC family features maximum propagation delays of 3.0 ns that allow designers to create faster system designs, making the devices ideal for next-generation PCs, network switches and routers, and telecommunication products.

The LVC family offers a 4.1-ns propagation delay for 3-volt designs requiring 5-volt compatibility to interface with mixed-voltage legacy systems. The LVC family’s capability for "hot insertion" allows designers the ease to interface different logic switching levels, such that LVC devices can be used as both a unidirectional and bi-directional level translator.

The ALVC/LVC device families have been designed to provide a more uniform, minimal propagation delay, narrowing propagation delay margins and thereby simplifying system design. In anticipation of future system operating supply voltages, the ALVC and LVC families have been specified for operation at 2.5 volts in addition to the primary 3.3-volt specification.

PicoGate–Single-Gate Logic Devices

The high operating frequencies of today’s new 3-volt systems demand that fixes, inversions and last-minute design changes be physically located as close as possible to the design issue. In designs where board real estate is at an extreme premium, the small size of PicoGate allows designers to easily add functionality to crowded board layouts.

Walker added, "The PicoGate logic devices we have introduced might appear to be out of place in this age of function integration, but today’s designers cannot afford the clock delay impact required to collect fixes in an ASIC, FPGA or multi-bit logic function somewhere else on their board. The micro-miniature SOT-23 packages of PicoGate devices offer a quick and inexpensive solution for telecommunication and PC applications."

Pricing and Availability

IDT’s ALVC and LVC logic families are available in a variety of packaging options including PSOP, QSOP, SOIC, SSOP, TSSOP, TVSOP, LFBGA from five-pin to 114-pad packages. The devices range in price from 15 cents to $3 in 1,000-piece quantities. The IDT74ALVCH16240 and IDT74LVCH16240A devices, for example, are priced at $1.30 each in 1,000-piece quantities in a 48-pin TSSOP package. The devices are available now through approved distributors.

About IDT

IDT enables a digitally connected world by providing innovative semiconductor solutions to leading-edge system designers in communications and computing. IDT’s broad product mix consists of communications memories, networking products, both RISC and x86 microprocessors, high-speed SRAMs and high-performance family logic and clock management devices. The Company’s innovative technologies and products take aim at markets expected to exceed a total of $20 billion in 1999.


IDT Editorial Contact
Diana Lorang
IDT Corporate Communications
Phone: (408) 492-8210
E-mail: lorang@idt.com


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