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HP Offers Performance Rewards to Support Partners


Palo Alto, California. April 20, 1999 -- Hewlett-Packard Company today announced an enhancement to the HP premier support provider program for its authorized support providers (ASP). The new performance-rewards program offers ASPs monetary incentives for delivering high-quality, on-site customer support in the United States.

The program is designed to reward HP support partners who continuously provide superior customer support to HP product owners. Customers will benefit from the program because it will ensure they continue to receive high-quality support from ASPs on popular products such as HP PCs, HP inkjet printers and HP LaserJet printers.

HP authorized premier support providers (APSP) are evaluated by HP and by customers on repair efficiency and customer satisfaction. To gather this information, HP monitors reseller support delivery and mails surveys to customers who recently have used an HP APSP for warranty service. Support providers that meet the level of service that HP requires will be reimbursed for 100 percent of the expenses incurred repairing their customers' equipment. APSPs that exceed HP's standard will be reimbursed up to 120 percent.

"We requested a program like this from HP, so we were pleased to learn it was implemented," said Jim Brann, director of deskside services, MicroAge, Inc., an HP authorized premier support provider. "We feel this is a good program because it encourages support providers to deliver superior performance. Also, because we will have access to our evaluations, we get the opportunity to hear what our customers are saying so we can be sure that we are providing the services they want. We're pleased HP has taken this step."

"Performance rewards is all about empowering the customers' support partner of choice with the information it needs to deliver quality support," said Martyn Gane, marketing manager for HP's Product Support Division. "This program will ensure that HP and its APSPs deliver the type and quality of service our customers expect from their chosen support partner."

About HP

Hewlett-Packard Company -- a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services for business and home -- is focused on capitalizing on the opportunities of the Internet and the proliferation of electronic services. HP had computer-related revenue of $39.5 billion in its 1998 fiscal year.

HP plans to launch a new and independent measurement company consisting of its industry-leading test-and-measurement, components, chemical-analysis and medical businesses. These businesses represented $7.6 billion of HP's total revenue in fiscal 1998. With leading positions in multiple market segments, this technology-based company will focus on high-growth opportunities such as communications and life sciences.

HP has 122,800 employees worldwide and had total revenue of $47.1 billion in its 1998 fiscal year. Information about HP, its products and the company's Year 2000 program can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.hp.com.


Hewlett Packard Editorial Contact
David Thiel, HP
(208) 396-4298



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