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SAN JOSE, Calif., April 12, 1999 -- Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE: CY) today announced that it has recently shipped its 10-millionth universal serial bus (USB) microcontroller. Cypress has achieved this milestone in only two years, having shipped its first microcontroller in Q1 1997. According to market research firm Cahners In-Stat (Scottsdale, Ariz.), Cypress has shipped over 50% of all USB peripheral control devices, giving Cypress the leadership position in this fast-growing market.

Developed by a consortium of leading technology companies, USB is an inexpensive technology for connecting peripherals with personal computers. USB replaces all the different kinds of serial and parallel port connectors with one standardized plug and port combination. USB also provides "hot-swapping," so users can attach peripherals without shutting down and restarting the PC. The PC automatically detects the peripheral and configures the necessary software.

Cypress developed its RISC microcontroller line specifically for USB applications, implementing specialized logic for the USB I/O functions. Cypress is therefore able to offer full USB 1.1 compliance at low cost. Cypress is currently shipping devices at a rate that will result in the company more than doubling shipments this year.

"The significance of this milestone is not only to point out the success that Cypress has enjoyed," said Larry Morrell, director of marketing for Cypress Computer Products Division. "It also clearly shows the rapid acceptance of USB in the marketplace. We are positioned well to continue to grow our USB business with new families being readied for introduction. We intend to maintain our leadership in this market."

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, headquartered in San Jose, California, provides a broad range of integrated circuits for leading computer, networking, and telecommunications companies worldwide. Cypress's products include static RAM and specialty memories, programmable logic devices (PLDs), data communications products, timing devices, and USB microcontrollers. Its shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CY, and its web site is at http://www.cypress.com.

"Safe Harbor" Statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: Statements herein that are not historical facts are "forward-looking statements" involving risks and uncertainties. Please refer to Cypress's Securities and Exchange Commission filings for a discussion of such risks.


Cypress Editorial Contact
Cypress Semiconductor Corp. 3901 N. First Street
San Jose, CA. 95134-1599



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