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Compuware Delivers Web
Testing Solution


FARMINGTON HILLS, MI. -- March 3, 1999 -- Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ:CPWR) today announced that the new version of its automated functional testing tool, QARun, includes Internet testing capabilities such as functions for testing HTML, Java and ActiveX as standard features. QARun will also expand its Oracle Applications testing coverage to include Oracle Application Web Forms, also known as Oracle NCA. This release, combined with QALoad, which already supports load testing of web and secure web-based applications, provides customers with a comprehensive web and e-commerce testing solution.

"QARun has been the core of our testing process for system and regression testing of our applications for a number of years," said Steve Mitchell, senior quality assurance manager at JBA, a leading mid-market ERP supplier. "We are taking a close look at QARun's web testing functionality to see how it will work with our web-based applications."

"Adding web testing capabilities to QARun further broadens Compuware's position as the overall leader in the testing market and provides value to our customers looking for complete, enterprise-wide application solutions whether for e-commerce, ERP, Year 2000 or client/server," said Doug Turner, General Manager of QACenter Client/Server.

Compuware also announced that QARun 4.6, which has been certified for SAP R/3, will support SAP R/3 Version 4. QARun 4.6 will be available in April 1999.

Other Compuware E-commerce Solutions

Compuware offers a complete product line of solutions that address e-commerce application testing challenges. Compuware announced e-commerce load testing functionality in its QALoad performance testing product in 1998. QALoad measures end-to-end response times by simulating thousands of web users without requiring additional hardware or end-users. It produces textual and graphical reports that show how the system will respond under load conditions. This capability is critical for companies with high-volume web sites. When used in conjunction with EcoSYSTEMS, Compuware's solution for application service level management, users can now apply repeatable load to web applications while monitoring network and server utilization using EcoSCOPE and EcoTOOLS respectively. During the stress test, EcoTOOLS identifies all activity and resources consumed within all servers, including average download time, total download time and average transfer rate for every web page accessed. EcoSCOPE visualize the Web application's traffic flows, how much time it is spending on the network, when it is performing poorly, who is accessing the server, where they are going and the impact on other applications.

NuMega DevPartner for Java helps development teams identify and correct problems in Java code that are typically undetectable in the quality assurance process. DevPartner for Java can dramatically reduce the time spent debugging, tuning and testing Java applications, and can ensure that a measured level of software testing and stability is achieved prior to deployment or release. QACenter, now fully web enabled, combined with DevPartner for Java, now provides the most complete Automated Software Quality solution for e-commerce applications available.

File-AID/CS plays an important role in testing, implementing and migrating data to an e-commerce solution. Because a web application--developed in the client/server or web server environment--requires the same amount of testing as other applications, it is critical that test data be generated or gathered from legacy applications or an existing distributed environment to ensure test quality.

Compuware recently announced UNIFACE WebApplication Server, a highly scalable, open enterprise application server for deploying strategic e-commerce applications.

About QACenter

QACenter is a complete line of testing products for client/server, mid-range hosted, web, mainframe, test process management and testing services. The Compuware mainframe automated testing product, QAHiperstation, has been a standard in IS organizations for the last decade. Other products in the family include QADirector, for test process management; QARun, a client-side test script development and execution product; and QALoad, for server-based application load testing. QARun can test Oracle applications, PowerBuilder, UNIFACE, Visual Basic, and SAP, among others. QASolutions offers customers a comprehensive testing solution, including industry-leading products and professional services.

About JBA

JBA is a leading supplier of enterprise management software to companies in the mid-market sector. Customers choose JBA for its rich product functionality combined with its best practice, @ctive enterprise business process improvement. In 1998 revenues of over $450 million marked their 18th year of continuous growth. JBA employs 3,000 people supporting 4,000 customers in 53 countries.

Compuware Corporation

Compuware productivity solutions help 14,000 of the world's largest corporations more efficiently maintain and enhance their most critical business applications. Providing immediate and measurable return on information technology investments, Compuware products and services improve quality, lower costs and increase the speed at which systems can be developed, implemented and supported. Compuware employs more than 11,000 information technology professionals worldwide, including more than 6,600 in its professional services organization. With calendar 1998 revenues of $1.5 billion, Compuware is the world leader in client/server development technology. For more information on Compuware, please contact the corporate offices at 800-521-9353. Compuware also can be found on the World Wide Web at http://www.compuware.com.


Compuware Editorial Contact
Steve Reilly, Corporate Communications, Compuware Corporation, 248-737-7300 steve_reilly@compuware.com



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