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Cirrus Logic Reincorporates
in Delaware

FREMONT, Calif. -- March 1, 1999 -- Cirrus Logic Inc. (Nasdaq:CRUS) today announced it has completed a change in its state of incorporation from California to Delaware. The change was accomplished through a merger of Cirrus Logic Inc. into its wholly owned Delaware subsidiary of the same name.

Reincorporation results in a change only of Cirrus Logic's legal domicile. It does not result in any change in the company's name, operations, locations, management, reporting obligations, Nasdaq trading symbol, or assets and liabilities.

The reincorporation in Delaware was approved by Cirrus Logic's shareholders at the company's annual meeting on July 21, 1998.

Cirrus Logic is a premier supplier of precision linear circuits and advanced mixed- signal chip solutions. The company's products, sold under its own name and the Crystal product brand, enable system-level applications in mass storage, audio and precision data conversion.


Cirrus Logic Editorial Contact
Tom Rigoli
Vice President
Corporate Communications
(510) 226-2259


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