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Cabletron Introduces New
Token Ring Switches

ROCHESTER, NH - April 14, 1999 - Cabletron Systems (NYSE: CS) today announced new SmartSTACK Token Ring switches, the latest addition to the company's award-winning SmartSTACK solutions. These affordable switches combine a full set of Token Ring switching features, flexible backbone uplinks and a stackable design to deliver up to 224 switched Token Ring segments - the highest port density in the industry today.

The SmartSTACK Token Ring switches each provide 20 ports for workgroup, desktop or backbone switching solutions, with support for full-duplex and Dedicated Token Ring (DTR) 802.5r. Using a stackable interface option, users have the ability to stack up to 8 units together, providing a scaleable, cost-effective solution for growing networks.

The SmartSTACK integrates Token Ring networks with high-speed technologies using modular SmartSTACK Interface Modules (SSIM), enabling backbone connectivity to ATM, High Speed Token Ring (HTSR) or Fast Ethernet.
In addition, the switches support Source Route Bridging (SRB) and Transparent forwarding, as well as standards-based SNMP and RMON management, providing maximum performance and manageability for today's Token Ring workgroups.

"Cabletron's Token Ring SmartSTACK solutions help address the performance and scalability needs of existing Token Ring users. The SmartSTACK provides a reliable, flexible, standards-based switching solution to extend and enhance Token Ring networks," said Andrew Feldman, senior director of solutions marketing at Cabletron Systems.

About Cabletron Systems

Cabletron Systems, a premier provider of enterprise-class networking solutions, delivers dependable network access and communications to millions of people worldwide. With scaleable products designed for Fortune 1000 enterprise networks, service providers and small businesses, Cabletron is the business communications specialist for the information age. Cabletron's web site can be reached on the Internet at http://www.cabletron.com.

Cabletron Editorial Contact
PR Inquiries can be directed to (603) 337-1060
For Sales Information send e-mail to:


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