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BMC Software to Support
Microsoft Windows 2000

HOUSTON, TX - (April 5, 1999)--BMC Software, the world's leading developer of software solutions that improve the availability, performance and recoverability of business-critical applications and data, today announced its support for Microsoft Windows 2000. BMC Software's support includes the delivery of Windows 2000-ready PATROL products such as PATROL 3.3, and PATROL for Microsoft Windows NT Server, both announced today. BMC Software will demonstrate Windows 2000 solutions in the Microsoft Partner Pavilion at Windows World, Comdex show, April 19-21.

"With our PATROL products running and tested on Windows 2000 today, we are helping customers manage the deployment of and transition to Windows 2000 now," said Bob Kruger, vice president of Windows NT and e-business solutions with BMC Software. "As a First Wave 2000 partner, we are working closely with Microsoft to ensure tight integration between our management solutions and Windows 2000. Additionally, we have an engineer located at Microsoft's Redmond headquarters who works closely with Microsoft's Windows Management Infrastructure (WMI) and BackOffice development teams."

To the extent there are any forward-looking statements in this release, they are necessarily subject to uncertainties based on various factors, including business conditions in BMC Software's markets, product release cycles, and competitive conditions. Further information on potential factors which could affect the Company's financial results are included in their current Forms 6-K and 20-F reports, which are on file with the SEC.

BMC Software Editorial Contact
Lesley Casillas
BMC Software, Inc.
(713) 918-2036



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