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SAN JOSE, CA March 17, 1999 . . . In its on-going expansion of devices to serve portable applications such as PCMCIA cards and hand-held instrumentation, Atmel Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML) announced today the newest addition to its low-voltage logic portfolio of Complex Programmable Logic Devices (CPLDs). The ATF1508ASV is a 3.3 low-voltage version of its industry-standard, EEPROM-based, in-system programmable, 128 Macrocell CPLD.

Designed for portable, battery-operated systems and power sensitive applications, the ATF1508AS offers 3.0-volt operation with propagation delays (Tpd) as low as 12 nanoseconds. Similar to its 5-volt counterpart, the ATF1508AS, this new PLD has 128-macrocells and 6,000 equivalent user-configurable logic gates. Both devices are pin-compatible with other popular 128-macrocell programmable logic devices on the market.

This new low-voltage version of Atmel's standard device offers the same features of optimum utilizability to portable applications as it maintains a wide range of programmable logic products offering users both low- voltage and low-power options for their designs.

According to Forrest Huff, EPLD marketing manager, "Optimum utilizability means the Atmel architecture provides users more routing inputs into the macrocell (40 vs. 36) with an enhanced switch-matrix containing a single-level mux for optimum routing resources. This combination of better connectivity plus an enhanced switch-matrix allows users to achieve ASIC-like levels of logic utilization while still being able to lock pins before the design is complete. Similarly, board layouts can be finalized early in the design process by fixing the pin-out and making use of the in-system programmability, allowing for shorter design cycles and faster transition to volume production."

The ATF1508ASV is offered in 84-pin PLCC, 100-pin TQFP, 100-pin PQFP and 160-pin PQFP packages. Prices for the ATF1508ASV start at $6.80 in quantities of 100 units. Founded in 1984, Atmel Corporation is headquartered in San Jose, California with principal manufacturing facilities in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Nantes and Rousset, France and Heilbronn, Germany. Atmel designs, develops, manufactures and markets on a worldwide basis semiconductors, including nonvolatile and embedded memory, logic, analog, microcontroller products and system-level integration (SLI) solutions using advanced CMOS, BiCMOS, BiPolar and SiGe process technologies.

Atmel product and financial information can be retrieved from its Fax-on-Demand service. In North America call 1-(800) 292-8635. Internationally from a fax phone, dial 1-(408) 441-0732. Requests may be sent via e-mail to literature@atmel.com or by visiting Atmel's website at www.atmel.com.

Atmel, the Atmel logo and combinations thereof are trademarks of Atmel Corporation. Additional terms and product names in this document may be trademarks of others.


Atmel Editorial Contact
Francesca Venezia, Director of Worldwide Communications fvenezia@atmel.com (408) 451-2855



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