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AMP Awarded GSA Contract

HARRISBURG, PA, April 15, 1999 -- AMP Incorporated announced today that it has been awarded a GSA (General Services Administration) schedule contract. Under schedule 70 of the program the entire line of AMP Select Systems Premise Cabling Products is now available for direct purchase by any federal government agency. As one of the few cable and wiring manufacturers awarded a GSA contract, AMP also offers government entities a variable-labor rate through its NETCONNECT Design & Installation (ND&I) contractor network, to ensure the most competitive labor costs throughout the United States. Additionally, under the GSA agreement, AMP can use its ND&I contractors to install the AMP Select Systems.

"Other cabling manufacturers have structured their GSA relationship with a fixed labor rate, forcing higher costs on the government. AMP chooses to offer a more competitive labor pricing structure," noted Al Edwards, AMP director of strategic marketing. "With our variable labor rate, we can offer lower, more flexible labor costs. Additionally, the strength of our ND&Is will allow the government to do business with authorized AMP contractors located around the country who can provide our 15 year performance warranty. We expect our GSA contract to open several opportunities for our ND&Is and us - from new construction to re-wiring of buildings, warehouses and military bases and other federal facilities. This is a win-win-win situation for the US government, AMP, and our ND&Is."

Government agencies can purchase products directly from the AMP Select Systems Guide, which includes more than 800 cabling, connector and video distribution products. In accordance with the schedule 70 program, agencies can purchase AMP products for up to $500,000 without acquiring additional bids.

For more information on GSA approved products from AMP, visit the GSA web site at http://www.gsa.com or call AMP at 1-800-835-7240.

About AMP

An established worldwide leader in communications components and cabling products, AMP Incorporated, a Tyco International Ltd. Company, provides a comprehensive range of product and service offerings that include the design, manufacture, installation, and support of complete premises cabling and LAN interconnect systems solutions. Building on core competencies in the design and manufacture of open cabling systems based on fiber optic, as well as traditional copper twisted pair technologies, AMP provides customers with single source solutions based on industry standards. AMP is headquartered in Harrisburg, PA.


AMP Editorial Contact
Jeffrey Sommer
AMP Incorporated
(717) 985-2097


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