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ADTRAN Announces E1 Wireless Connectivity for Worldwide Market

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (April 19, 1999) -- ADTRAN, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADTN), announced today the addition of its E1 version of the TRACER digital microwave radio, to be shown at IWCE. TRACER uses spread spectrum technology to provide E1 or dual T1 communication links. TRACER operates in the 2.4-2.4835 GHz band. Operation in this frequency band is unlicensed in many countries, allowing for efficient and easy deployment of wireless services.

"The TRACER E1 was developed in response to an overwhelming demand for international wireless connectivity," said Dan Pritchett, ADTRAN Director of Wireless Products Sales and Marketing. "This worldwide wireless solution allows us to provide the same reliable TRACER product already popular here in the U.S. to customers using E1-based data rates and interfaces."

The TRACER E1 radio is available from ADTRAN for immediate deployment. The TRACER system is available in both rackmount or mastmount configurations and is ideal for last-mile telco access, WAN campus connectivity, PCS/cellular SMR site connectivity, and many other point-to-point deployment scenarios. TRACER is available in the U.S. through ADTRAN-certified resellers or master distributors such as ALLTEL Supply and Sprint North Supply. TRACER is also available through ADTRAN international sales offices and worldwide distributors.


Established in 1985, ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading provider of network deployment and access solutions for delivering today's digital telecommunications services over existing copper infrastructures. Today, ADTRAN technologies support more than two million local loops worldwide. More than 500 ADTRAN products support all major digital technologies, including T3, T1, E1, Frame Relay, DDS, HDSL, xDSL, ISDN, and wireless transport. In the carrier and enterprise markets, ADTRAN produces a complete end-to-end solution that provides the greatest network efficiency and lowest possible telecommunications costs.

According to Dataquest and IDC, ADTRAN holds revenue-leading positions in the Frame Relay/DDS, ISDN Extension and HDSL/T1/E1 network and access markets. ADTRAN customers include the Regional Bell Operating Companies, interexchange carriers, GTE, domestic independent service providers, corporate end users, international customers and original equipment manufacturers.


ADTRAN Editorial Contact
Stacy Tidwell


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