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Adaptec Leads The Pack
With Wolfpack Certification

MILPITAS, Calif - March 9, 1999 - Adaptec Inc. today announced that its AHA-2944UW SCSI host adapter card has earned Wolfpack, or Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS), certification for NT 4.0, and that Unisys will be offering this product as one of the features on their Aquanta ES clustered servers.

With certification of the 2944UW, Adaptec now has twice as many adapter cards on the MSCS Cluster/SCSI Adapter compatibility list as any other vendor, thereby providing OEMs with the broadest range of I/O options available. System OEMs who want MSCS certification must use components, including host adapter cards, that are MSCS certified.

"Adaptec shares Microsoft's vision that Wolfpack will become a key server architecture, and certification for the 2944UW shows Adaptec's continued commitment to our OEMs' cluster server efforts," said Michael Arellano, Adaptec's HVD product manager.

"The Unisys alliance with Adaptec enables us to provide our enterprise customers with a wide range of clustering solutions on our line of NT servers," said William Maclean, vice president product program management, Unisys Aquanta ES Business. "We use a full range of Adaptec SCSI controllers, including the 2944UW, to complete the system configuration."

MSCS is a built-in feature of Windows NT 4.0 Server, Enterprise Edition that supports the connection of two servers into a cluster for higher availability and easier manageability of data and applications. Over time, it is expected that MSCS will be the generic platform of choice for highly scalable, cluster-aware applications. The 2944UW is Adaptec's 40 MB per second Ultra Wide high-voltage differential (HVD) host adapter suitable for connecting workstations and entry-level servers to as many as 15 SCSI devices. It provides cable lengths up to 25 meters for external storage subsystems.

The Adaptec SCSI adapter cards that are Wolfpack certified include Ultra Wide and Ultra2 SCSI adapter cards. To see the latest Wolflpack HCL list, go to http://www.microsoft.com/hwtest/hcl/. Adaptec will seek MSCS certification for its Ultra 160/m products as they become available.

About Adaptec:

Adaptec provides bandwidth management technologies for organizations building the global information infrastructure. Its high-performance I/O, connectivity, and network products are incorporated into the systems and products of major computer and peripheral manufacturers. Founded in 1981 and headquartered in Milpitas, Calif., Adaptec (NASDAQ: ADPT) employs people worldwide in design, manufacturing, sales, service and distribution. Adaptec's home page is http://www.adaptec.com/


Adaptec Editorial Contact
Frankie Borison
public relations manager
t: 408.957.2044
e: fborison@corp.adaptec.com


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