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CAMPBELL, CA October 19, 1998 - ZiLOG, Inc., a leading supplier of semiconductor products for the home entertainment, communication, and embedded control markets, announced today that it is shipping production quantities of what it believes to be the lowest priced 8-bit OTP microcontroller ever offered to the market. Selling for just $0.39 in 500,000 piece and $.66 in 10,000 piece OEM quantities, the Z8E000 is the newest member of ZiLOG’s growing Z8Plus family of state-of-the-art microcontrollers.

ZiLOG’s Z8Plus family was introduced into the market earlier this year.

Designed in cooperation with TeraGen, a company which specializes in the design and development of advanced MCU, DSP and RISC architectures,

this more powerful version of the Z8 offers designers a much more cost-effective, value-added solution to other microcontroller architectures in the market today. With 512 Bytes of OTP program memory, 32 Bytes of register file RAM, a 16-bit timer, and a watchdog timer, the Z8E000 gives a designer the right product at the right price.

"This product offering ushers in a new era for 8-bit microcontrollers," said Mike Thompson, Director of Z8 products. "ZiLOG is uniquely positioned with Z8Plus to be able to offer the microcontroller architecture of the New Millennium – today." ZiLOG has a very large family of 8-bit microcontrollers with over 100 derivatives of the product available today. Z8 products offer a NO-RISC, register-to-register, state-of-the-art architecture that is very easy to design with even if you’ve never designed with a microcontroller before.

ZiLOG’s Z8E000 is available in both commercial and extended temperatures, with 18-pin DIP and SOIC packages. Exemplar applications include sensors, battery chargers, switches, motor control, handheld meters, thermostats, power supplies, smoke detectors, toys, air flow control, clocks, lamp dimmers, robotics, motion detectors, displays, and scales.

The Z8E000 is complimented with the Z8ICE000ZEM, a low-cost ($99) real time in-circuit emulator that includes the programmer, assembler, and GUI software necessary to design with.


Part Number Packaging Temperature

Z8E00010PSC 18-pin DIP Commercial (0 - 70 )

Z8E00010PEC 18-pin DIP Extended (-40 - +85 )

Z8E00010SSC 18-pin SOIC Commercial (0 - 70 )

Z8E00010SEC 18-pin SOIC Extended (-40 - +85 )

ZiLOG creates embedded and integrated technologies that improve the performance of everyday applications. Our engineers immerse themselves into all aspects of specific markets so we can deliver appropriate, feature-rich solutions at breakneck speeds. Passion, ideas and service fuel our drive to always be focused on one goal–helping our customers succeed.


ZiLOG has its headquarters in Campbell, California and had 1997 revenues of $261.1 million. It employs approximately 1,650 people, has 27 direct sales offices, and more than 120 distributor and rep locations worldwide. For more information, please visit the company’s website at

Zilog Contact
Jeff Weir
Public Communications Director
Phone: (408) 558-8467

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