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Wang Global Announces New TEMPEST Mobile Workstation

Secure, Transportable Alternative to a Desktop System

BILLERICA, Mass. - (November 5 , 1998) - Wang Global (NASDAQ: WANG), a leading international networked technology services and solutions company, today announced the introduction of the company's new TEMPEST Mobile Workstation. TEMPEST products are commercial products designed or modified to meet rigorous U.S. government specifications that protect information from being electronically radiated and, therefore, provide protection from unauthorized access. The TEMPEST Mobile Workstation has the functionality and features of a full-sized personal computer system built into a compact package that is easy to transport.

"The TEMPEST Mobile Workstation was designed in response to our customers' needs for a full-sized, secure, transportable system," said Chris Wahlen, vice president, Secure Systems, Wang Government Services. "This new addition to our full line of TEMPEST systems allows our customers to take the mobile workstation on field assignments and still be assured that the system meets the NSTISSAM TEMPEST/1-92 Level 1 standard," Wahlen added.

The TEMPEST Mobile Workstation standard features include:

  • 15.1" TFT matrix display with 4 MB video memory
  • Pentium® II Intel Mobile Module™ 233 MHz processor or Pentium® II Intel Mobile Module™ 266 MHz processor
  • Up to 128 MB memory
  • 64-bit graphic video controller
  • Minimum 20X CD-ROM drive
  • 3.5" floppy diskette drive
  • 4, 6, or 8 GB IDE removable drives
  • Full-size Windows™ 95 keyboard with numeric keypad
  • Two serial ports and one parallel port
  • External keyboard port (PS/2)
  • External mouse port (PS/2)
  • Optional fiber optic 10-Mbit 802.3 network interface controller
  • Optional SCSI controller to support external devices
  • 110/220 volt AC/DC converter
  • Designed to fit into a Class 5 Safe Drawer
  • Carrying case

Wang Global has the engineering capability to take industry-standard, off-the-shelf information technology products and enhance their security characteristics without impacting their functionality. The company has been a leading provider of TEMPEST information security protection for the U.S. government and NATO for more than 20 years.

Wang Global is the only company that has products listed in each of the categories of the National Security Agency's Evaluated Products List, including Commercial Security, Computer Security, TEMPEST and Zone. All Wang Global TEMPEST secure systems are tested in National Security Agency (NSA)-endorsed environments, and are guaranteed to meet or surpass the requirements of the U.S. government's and NATO's TEMPEST specifications when maintained by Wang Global TEMPEST-certified customer engineers.

In 1997, Wang Government Services, a subsidiary of Wang Global, was awarded a U.S. government Systems Acquisition and Support Services contract (SASS II) for TEMPEST and Zone secure systems and maintenance services valued at $105 million over five years.

Wang Global secure systems products include: TEMPEST and Zone Pentium® servers, towers and desktop computers; printers; multi-media SCSI storage cabinets; and, networking products such as routers and switches. Wang Government Services also provides the U.S. Department of Defense and civilian agencies with its XTS-300 workstations and guard technology. The XTS-300 is rated B3, the highest security level rating for any products on the NSA's Evaluated Products List.

About Wang Global

Headquartered in Billerica, Massachusetts, Wang Global is a leading international networked technology services and solutions company providing a comprehensive range of information technology services for today's network-centric business environments. With annualized revenues in excess of $3.0 billion, Wang Global designs, installs, operates and maintains global computing and telecommunications networks for some of the world's largest multinational companies. Services include systems architecture design, installation, warranty, help desk, maintenance, software support, and management of enterprise networks to the desktop. Wang Global integration services provide business solutions primarily for the banking industry as well as defense and civilian government agencies. Wang Global employs approximately 20,000 professionals and has subsidiaries and affiliates in over 40 countries. Wang Government Services is a subsidiary of Wang Global. Information about Wang Global and its services can be found on the World Wide Web at

Wang Contact
Contact: Lucy Flynn
(978) 625-4525

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