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Company News

Synopsys' Synthesis Enables Industry's First Successful "Smart TV" System on a Chip

TeleCruz Chooses Design Compiler to Meet the Demanding TC701 Schedule

December 7, 1998 -- Synopsys Inc., the technology leader for complex chip design, today announced that smart television integrated circuit (IC) manufacturer TeleCruz(TM) easily achieved first-time tape-out success using the industry-leading Synopsys synthesis solution. TeleCruz carefully considered both Synopsys' comprehensive tool suite and other competing synthesis tools. TeleCruz chose Synopsys because it provided a complete solution of tools for synthesis, static-timing analysis, interconnect parasitic extraction and test. The TeleCruz design team relied exclusively on Synopsys Design Compiler(TM) throughout their project to produce the first highly integrated single-chip solution that offers PC-quality graphics and two-way communication capability in standard televisions.

"We performed our due diligence to select the best synthesis solution for our designs," said Bernie Sardinha, vice president of operations with TeleCruz. "We decided we cannot afford to take unnecessary risks with any alternative synthesis tool. In addition to the proven success of Design Compiler, our engineers are Design Compiler proficient and our silicon vendor, Toshiba, supported the complete flow. Synopsys Design Compiler was the obvious choice."

TeleCruz's TC701 is a single chip controller for interactive televisions. The advanced features of TC701 are designed to support television manufacturers requirements for a platform capable of supporting various information services at very low added cost.

Comprehensive Solutions for Complex IC Design

As the electronics industry moves to system-on-a-chip (SoC) designs with millions of gates on a single chip, new and comprehensive solutions will be needed to overcome the design challenges. These tools will have to encompass optimal gate-level timing and area, in addition to power consumption, testability and reliability. Designers will have to merge complex datapaths with sophisticated controllers. To complete their designs on schedule, designers will have to reuse existing design blocks and make their intellectual property (IP) portable for future reuse. Synopsys provides a full range of high-level design tools to manage the complexity of SoC designs--delivering the best quality-of-results (QoR) and the fastest time-to-market.

TeleCruz uses a comprehensive synthesis solution from Synopsys: Design Compiler, for industry-leading synthesis; PrimeTime(TM), for static-timing analysis; Arcadia(R), for fast and accurate parasitic extraction; and a combination of DC Expert Plus(TM) for one-pass test and TestGen(TM), for automatic test pattern generation (ATPG). All of these tools integrate seamlessly into Toshiba's sign-off flow. About TeleCruz TeleCruz Technology Inc., is a developer of embedded products for interactive television. The company designs and manufactures integrated circuits for the interactive television market. More information about TeleCruz is available at


Synopsys Contact
The Hoffman Agency
Phone: 408-286-2611
10 S. Third St., 5th Floor
San Jose, CA 95113

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