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Company News

SCO Responds To Critical Shortage of Skilled Technology Workers


SCO Announces Certified UNIX Systems Administrator Certification Program

SANTA CRUZ, CA (November 3, 1998) - SCO (NASDAQ: SCOC) responded to the market demand for more certified IT professionals by announcing the SCO Certified UNIX Systems Administrator certification, an entry level certification program for UNIX Administrators. This level of certification makes it easy for college students and job re-entry participants to get a foot in the door in the IT industry. SCO's certification program is a comprehensive program which allows students to gain and enhance business critical computer skills which can then be utilized in the IT industry.

SCO Program Responds to Virginia Tech Survey
SCO's announcement comes on the heels of a recent survey that shows that 1 in every 10 information technology jobs in the United States remains unfilled. Conducted by Virginia Tech, the study estimated that 346,000 computer programmer and systems analyst jobs are vacant in U.S. companies with more than 100 employees. In response to the survey, the US government recently announced a broad and unique federal effort to help train more computer programmers.

"The shortage of skilled IT professionals threatens to undermine the growth of the US economy," said David Taylor, vice president worldwide field programs, SCO. "This new program from SCO helps address this shortage by allowing both those who already work in the IT industry and college students to obtain the training they need to help fill the void."

Sign Up Now
To obtain a certificate, participants must complete the SCO OpenServer Release 5 System Administration (#090-052) or UnixWare 7 System Administration (#090-076) exam. These exams are administered through Sylvan Prometric Testing Centers.

Please visit for more information on SCO Training and Certification Programs.

About SCO

SCO is the world's number one provider of UNIX server operating systems, and the leading provider of network computing software that enables clients of all kinds - including PCs, graphical terminals, and NCs - to have Webtop access to business-critical applications running on servers of all kinds. SCO designed Tarantella software, the world's first application broker for network computing. SCO sells and supports its products through a worldwide network of distributors, resellers, systems integrators, and OEMs. For more information, see SCO's WWW home page.


Santa Cruz Operations Contact
Jan Tarzia, SCO
Tel: 831-427-7221
Fax: 831-427-5418

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