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Mitel Continues to Deliver
Innovative Voice Communications
Solutions for Small Business


Introducing Mitel Express Messenger, A Cost Effective Voice Mail Application Combining Robust Functionality and Superior Ease-of-Use

KANATA, Ontario, Canada -- December 15, 1998 -- Mitel Corporation (NYSE: MLT) (TSE: MLT) today introduced its newest solution for the small business market. Mitel Express MessengerTM is the first voice mail on a card application for Mitel SX-200 series of PBXs, providing customers with a unique combination of robust functionality, superior ease-of-use, at a competitive price. A companion product for the SX-200 EL and ML small business PBXs, Express Messenger provides users requiring 40-150 lines with advanced messaging capabilities at a price/performance ratio optimized for a growing business.

Express Messenger is the only integrated solution for Mitel's SX-200EL and SX-200ML PBXs. The voice mail application is installed by simply sliding the interface card into the PBX. By working with small business' existing hardware, Mitel Express Messenger eliminates the need for additional costly and space-consuming equipment.

After being installed in a matter of minutes, small businesses can immediately begin using Express Messenger's powerful feature set. This ranges from auto attendant and pass code protected mailboxes to both office-wide and personal temporary greetings.

"Mitel's family of small business PBXs are widely recognized by customers as products that stand alone to meet their unique price/performance requirements," said Ken Dumont, vice president, Marketing, voice systems, at Mitel Corporation. "With the introduction of Express Messenger, Mitel now provides small businesses with complete voice communication solutions. The result is a combination of advanced PBX call control and voice mail messaging functionality that previously had been priced well out of most small business' range."

Robust Feature Set
Available in 2 or 4 port configurations, Express Messenger supports up to 249 mailboxes and provides 33 hours of message file storage. The application's robust feature set includes the following:

Superior integration: Express Messenger is the only voice mail system for a Mitel PBX that integrates on a card inside the PBX, providing customers with significant cost savings.

Ease of use: The PC Card-based application can be installed and configured with the SX-200 in a matter of minutes. Using a touch-tone telephone or a PC-based administration tool, system configuration can be done by phone or modem.

High performance: Express Messenger offers the same advanced messaging functionality that larger businesses depend upon, including auto attendant, paging, secure personal mailboxes, broadcast message distribution, temporary greetings, unlimited message length, directory/name dialing, operator revert, and many others.

Pricing and Availability
Express Messenger is available immediately through Mitel's extensive dealer channel. Pricing for a standard 4 port configuration is approximately $3,200 (U.S.).

About Mitel's Family of Small Business PBXs
The SX-200 EL and SX-200 ML PBXs continue Mitel's legacy of providing solutions specifically designed to meet the real-time voice communications needs of small businesses. Both products are optimized for customers requiring 40-150 lines, and are based on the core hardware and software of Mitel's highly successful SX-200 LIGHT PBX. The EL and ML provide small businesses with the same high-levels of functionality


Mitel Contact
Kris Sherry

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