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Company News


Hayes Declares Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Hayes is currently operating as a Debtor-In-Possession under Chaper 11 of the Bankruptcy Code. At present, virtually all of our operations have been shut down and we are attempting to sell our assets at an auction scheduled for February 12, 1999. Click here to enter the Hayes Bid Center.

If you require Technical Support, we apologize for our inability to assist you at this time. However, several companies have expressed an interest in acquiring the support function of our business, and we hope that some form of support will be available in the near future. Updated information regarding Support will be posted here as it becomes available.

If you have sent a product to Hayes for repair against a pre-assigned RMA number, and you have not yet received the unit back, please be advised that we are exploring ways to complete the repair or to return the unit to you. Updated information regarding repair will be posted here as it becomes available.

If you are checking the status of an outstanding rebate claim, processed claims have been scheduled with the court as part of the Chapter 11 filing. As a matter of law, Hayes may not pay the claims at this time. On a practical matter, Hayes won't know whether it has funds to pay its unsecured creditors, including estate claim holders, until after its assets are sold and collected, which will take a number of months. We suggest you keep checking the web site for additional information.

We apologize again for any inconvenience caused to you. Our limited staff is working diligently with the bankruptcy court toward an orderly sale of the company and/or its assets as quickly as possible.

We will provide periodic updates of these issues when information is available, as well as the status of the auction, on this web site.

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