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Exabyte Partners With Media 100 to Provide Customers Video Archival Solutions

BOULDER, Colo., Dec. 3 -- Exabyte Corp. (Nasdaq: EXBT) announced today they will offer their tape storage products as compatible archiving solutions to Media 100's products. As the standard tape format in the film and video industry, Exabyte tape drives and libraries can now be used with all Media 100 products that create programs for broadcast, video, animation, multimedia, CD-ROM and the Internet. Media 100 Inc. (Nasdaq: MDEA) is the developer of the award-winning Finish and Media 100 digital video systems.

Media 100's Finish, Media 100, and Media 100 qx online digital video systems empower video and communications professionals to compose their own programs from start to finish, with low overhead costs, all in one system.

"Media 100 and Exabyte deliver powerful and highly reliable products to video and digital media professionals who are seeking the cutting edge technologies in both digital production and backup," said Mike Savello, director of product marketing at Media 100. "An extremely large number of professionals are producing high-quality video on the desktop and Media 100 products coupled with Exabyte's archival technology give users the most robust and affordable professional environment in which to complete professional- quality projects."

"Data interchange is an extremely important requirement for the broadcast, film and video production environments," said Steve Georgis, director of technology and business development at Exabyte. "Exabyte's superior data reliability and precision drive technology assure hassle-free conversion and transport of large data files between multiple formats and workstations. Exabyte's strategic relationships designed to offer compelling solutions to the broadcast and video markets."

Exabyte has been a long-time leading supplier of tape products to the film and video industries and continues to develop technology to set the pace for high-speed, high-capacity backup. All Exabyte tape drives and tape libraries are cross-compatible with Media 100's complete product line in either Mac or NT platforms. Media 100 customers can use Exabyte's archival solutions when creating digital projects ranging from multimedia to video games.

"As the leader in digital video systems, our total solution concept and open architecture allows the entire family of Media 100 products to be compatible with all of Exabyte's products," says Savello. "Exabyte tape drives and libraries help our customers enhance their capability to create broadcast quality video."

About Media 100 Inc.
Media 100 Inc. of Marlboro, Mass., USA is a public company (Nasdaq: MDEA) focusing solely on the digital media marketplace. Since its inception in 1993, the company has expanded its product offerings to include multi-platform systems, Media 100 for Macintosh, Finish for Windows NT and Media 100 qx for both platforms. Media 100 Inc. has redefined the digital video industry by making program creation simpler and more affordable. With over 20,000 systems installed in more than 50 countries worldwide, the company's digital video systems are used in the creation of programs for broadcast, video, animation, multimedia, CD-ROM and the Internet. For more information, visit

About Exabyte
Corporation Exabyte Corporation is a leading supplier of tape storage solutions for the data-intensive application and database server markets. Headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, Exabyte designs, manufactures and markets industry leading data storage products including 8mm and Mammoth technology tape drives; Mammoth, 8mm and DLTtape(TM) automated tape libraries; and premium quality media. Exabyte markets its products through an extensive network of OEM, distributor and reseller business partners. For Exabyte information call 1-800-EXABYTE, or visit Exabyte on the World Wide Web at


Exabyte Contact
Exabyte Corporation
1685 38th St.
Boulder, CO, U.S.A., 80301

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