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Dialogic Launches the GETCONNECTED Developer Program; Extensive Technical and Marketing Support Accelerates CT-Connect Developers' Time-To-Market

LOWELL, MA — December 1, 1998 — Dialogic Corporation (NASDAQ:DLGC) today announced the launch of the GetConnectedSM support program for its CT-Connect™ family of computer-telephone software components. The new program assists application developers and integrators in successfully delivering application solutions that incorporate computer-telephone integration (CTI). In addition to technical and marketing assistance, the program offers both free and for-fee services that provide the information, tools and development environments solution providers need to rapidly implement and market CTI-based applications. The GetConnected program is open to any solution provider interested in using CT-Connect software components. For more information on the program or specific upcoming events visit the CT-Connect area of the Dialogic web site at

GetConnected Program Highlights


  • Free Product Seminars. These hands-on technical sessions provide program members with an overview of CT-Connect software components and their typical applications. The next seminars are scheduled for December 7 and 8 in Lowell, MA.
  • Expanded CTI Lab Services. Program members can use Dialogic's extensive new CTI lab to test their applications against a number of different telephone environments. As a free introduction to this resource, program members are invited to bring their application systems into the lab on designated open-house days. Developers can also arrange for exclusive use of CTI lab facilities on a daily or weekly fee basis. The next CTI Lab Open House is scheduled for December 8 in Lowell, MA.
  • Beta Trial Program. Qualified GetConnected program members are invited to receive pre-release copies of new CT-Connect component products. Several upcoming products are currently in beta test; interested developers should contact Dialogic for further information.
  • Cooperative Marketing Services. Dialogic provides program members with marketing assistance for CTI solutions that are based on CT-Connect components. This assistance includes participation in partner press announcements, a member products and services directory on Dialogic's web site, and Dialogic-sponsored partner pavilions at trade shows.
  • GetConnected Program Newsletter. Program members receive an e-mail update every six to eight weeks describing upcoming product releases, training sessions, lab open-house dates, and other program activities.

About CT-Connect and the Computer-Telephone Division

Dialogic's unique component approach to CTI software greatly simplifies application development, resulting in affordable yet high-performance CTI solutions. CT-Connect components implement specific, technically difficult CTI functions, leaving application user interfaces and features to be implemented by developers and integrators. By using CT-Connect components, solution providers can add telephone features to their own business applications rather than requiring customers to purchase additional CTI applications from other vendors.

CT-Connect was developed by the Dialogic Computer-Telephone Division in Lowell, Massachusetts. Its development team and its professional services arm, the Synapse Group, are internationally recognized both for their experience with CTI technology and applications and for their contributions to international CTI standards. For additional information about CT-Connect or the GetConnected program, go to the CT-Connect section of the Dialogic Web site at

About Dialogic Corporation

Dialogic Corporation is the leading manufacturer of high-performance, standards-based CT components. Dialogic products are used in voice, fax, data, voice recognition, speech synthesis, call center management, and IP telephony applications in both customer premises and public network environments. The company is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, with regional headquarters in Tokyo, Brussels, and Buenos Aires. For more information, visit the Dialogic Web site at


Dialogic Contact
Athena Mandros
Dialogic Corporation
1-973-993-3000, ext. 6548

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