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Company News


Data General Announces Full Support For The
Next Release Of The Java Development Kit

JDK Software Ideal for Development and Deployment of Mission-Critical Applications in the AVFlex Mixed Operating System Environment

Westboro, Mass., December 8, 1998 – Data General Corporation today announced full support for the next release of Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java Development Kit (JDK version 1.2). This release of the JDK provides a rich feature set of new class libraries and tools, making it easier for users of Data General's AViiON servers running the DG/UX operating system to create and deploy distributed, enterprise-class applications. This will include the new AVFlex environment, a set of services and products that provide customers with the ability to partition the high-end AViiON AV 25000 NUMA server into multiple DG/UX and Windows NT systems.

``The next release of the JDK provides a true platform-independent architecture for development and deployment of enterprise solutions," said Linda Mentzer, vice president of AViiON Marketing at Data General. ``For Data General, JDK 1.2 facilitates application capture for DG/UX and allows us to deliver a key interoperability component to our AVFlex customers running DG/UX and Windows NT applications in a partitioned system."

``We are delighted to see Data General underscore its commitment to the Java platform and to the advancement of Java technology," said Jon Kannegaard, vice president and general manager of the Java platform at Sun Microsystems, Inc.'s Java Software. ``Data General recognizes the value of the Java platform in meeting the needs of enterprises running mixed UNIX and Windows NT computing environments."

Java Technology in the AVFlex Environment
Java technology is a key interoperability component for the AVFlex environment when users choose to partition their AV 25000 servers into multiple DG/UX and Windows NT systems.  JDK 1.2 will allow AVFlex users to develop applications once and deploy on both operating systems. In addition, with AVFlex, users can take advantage of the modular growth of the AV 25000 server, integrated systems management, and consulting and implementation services for deployment.

The AV 25000 itself is available as an entry-level quad-processor, ``NUMA-ready" system that can grow to a 64-processor, high-end enterprise server with mainframe levels of scalability in processors, memory, and I/O.

The AV 25000 offers industry-leading investment protection by allowing new Pentium II Xeon processor-based hardware to be combined with installed AV 20000 Pentium Pro processor-based system components in a single system running a single copy of the operating system. The AV 25000 is available with full-Fibre CLARiiON disk array storage.

About Data General
Data General (NYSE:DGN), based in Westboro, Massachusetts, is a major supplier of storage and enterprise computing solutions for customers worldwide. The company's products include CLARiiON Fibre Channel storage systems, high-end Windows NT and UNIX AViiON servers, and related software and services. The company reported fiscal 1998 revenues of $1.5 billion. Additional information on the company, its products, and services is available on the Internet at .


Data General Contact
Carlos Soares
Data General Corp.

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