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Company News


Compuware and Ford Announce Worldwide Information Technology Productivity Agreement


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. -- December 17, 1998 -- Compuware Corporation (NASDAQ:CPWR) today announced an innovative contract with Ford Motor Company (Ford) to provide maintenance and continuous improvement support for all applications systems in the Ford worldwide Application Management Center (AMC).

The initial multi-year professional services contract was effective October 1, 1998. The contract provides for extensions beyond the initial period.

The AMC will support 1,400 applications in areas such as manufacturing, marketing and sales, product development, purchasing, finance and human resources. Over 1,600 Ford and contract personnel presently support these applications. The agreement will allow Ford to redeploy its IT personnel from maintenance and support roles into strategic business development roles. Early pilots of this concept demonstrated substantial improvements to productivity and faster delivery of software, thereby allowing Ford to improve the delivery of business value.

"Ford is seeking strategic global IT relationships which can enable it to focus on key initiatives and core business competencies while providing superior value," said Phyllis Recca, Vice President, Mideast Professional Services at Compuware. "Our understanding of Ford's IT environment will help us jointly achieve their strategic objectives of emphasizing quality and performance, reducing implementation time and cutting annual costs by 30 percent. This relationship will help Ford continue achieving a best-in-class IT capability."

Compuware Corporation

Compuware Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of software products and professional services that help information technology professionals efficiently develop, implement and support the applications that run their businesses. Founded in 1973, Compuware today ranks as one of the largest independent software vendors in the world. The Company's products have been licensed by nearly 11,000 organizations worldwide. The Company's professional services organization has a staff approaching 6,000 people. Compuware, with fiscal 1998 revenues in excess of $1.1 billion, is the world leader in client/server development technology. For more information on Compuware, please contact the corporate offices at 800-521-9353. Compuware also can be found on the World Wide Web at


Compuware Contact
Christopher M. F. Norris
Director, Corporate Communications
Compuware Corporation

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