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October 1998

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
Industry Standard Mark Frauenfelder

The Future of Search Engines

It's not always easy to find what you're looking for on the Web. While it would be ineffecient to index the whole World Wide Web, three new players offer technology to make the search process a whole lot less painful.

InfoWorld Deborah DeVoe

Seeking Solid Ground

IT professionals are walking a tightrope when it comes to presenting their job histories to potential employers. If they have too much breadth of experience, they don't have enough depth. And if they have too much depth then they don't have the breadth. So what gives? What are employers really looking for?

Intelligent Enterprise George Spofford

OLAP for the Masses

The hype says Microsoft's impending OLAP server will make OLAP as mainstream as Office. Is there steak behind the sizzle?
What will it bring to your decision-support environment? This exclusive looks at the Plato architecture provides the answers.

Internet World Web Stats Services

Because of the continued emergence of personal and corporate web sites coupled with the popularity competitions and ego battles that have inevitably ensued, keeping track of web hits has become an imperative need for many web designers. Thankfully, if you lack the time or experience to write your own stats program and are without access to your own web server there are several inexpensive services available on the 'net to assist you. Internet World took the time to review a few of the choices.

The Institute (IEEE) Annette Codispoti

More Y2K Complications

Companies lagging behind in Y2K compliance may want to consider another reason to update their computers: lawsuits. A blizzard of Y2K-related lawsuits over damages caused by computer malfunction is expected, and lawyers on both sides are getting ready. Also, tips on protecting your company.
Inter@ctive Week George Vernadakis

E-Commerce Problems

Electronic commerce isn't all smooth sale-ing. As more shoppers come online, more e-com problems develop. Many of them concern the latest Web craze: online auction houses. In his column, Vernadkis takes a look at how a recent "Barbie" doll case has brought attention to some problems.

Internet Week Jason Busch

IT Management in a World of Convergence

Web convergence--the merging of voice, video and data over a common network--marks the start of an entirely new era of management needs, a paradigm shift that will require IT to understand how to manage what's outside of the firewall as effectively as what is on the inside. Convergence will force IT to confront a variety of issues related to service levels and reliability of the public Internet if they are to deliver connectivity and communications at the level of quality required by the business.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
JavaWorld Bill Venners

The "Canonical Object" Idiom

In this installment of the Design Techniques column, Bill Venners proposes "the canonical object" as a Java idiom. The article discusses the fundamental services that all objects in general should offer, shows how objects can offer these services, and names such objects "canonical."

Java Pro Claude Duguay

Creating Dynamic Content with Servlets

In this article Java Pro takes a look at how to use servlets to generate dynamic images from a Web server. However, these techniques aren't exclusive to the Web. They can be used from browsers or other TCP/IP-enabled software, providing a foundation for building an imaging application server, capable of delivering new or modified images on the fly.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
LAN Times Susan L. Thomas

Barely Recognizable

Although voice recognition technology has been around for years, it has been successful primarily in vertical markets such as medical institutions and law firms. But voice recognition may soon become more widespread. Prices for voice recognition applications have taken a nose dive, and industry observers say improvements in vocabulary range and PC power, along with the more recent capability to recognize continuous speech, are poised to grow the technology even further


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes
MacAddict Apple Financial News

The big news announced out of Cupertino, CA was that Apple reported profits of $106 million during the fourth quarter. Riding on the success of it's iMac, Apple estimates profits for the year to be $309 million, having sold 278,00 iMacs during the first six weeks. What's interesting is that 29.4 iMac buyers are first timers.

MacTech Discover Programming Edition 4 Begins Shipping

CodeWarrior Discover Programming Edition 4 for Macintosh, a personal edition of the powerful CodeWarrior software development tools for C, C++, Java and Pascal, designed for beginners who want to learn how to program and experienced developers interested in learning a new language. A must see site for all Macintosh developers.

MacWeek Mathew Rothenburg

SF Expo Agenda Set

The world's largest Mac-industry show is scheduled Jan. 4-8 at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center, and this year's theme is "The future here and now." Along with acres of exhibition space, it will feature conference tracks aimed at professional content creators and small-office, home-office users..

Macworld David Pogue

Mac Announces OS 8.5

Enter Mac OS 8.5, a Mac OS renovation that goes a long way toward making your Mac look, feel, and respond better. This $99 upgrade finishes the work that OS 8 started, adding some dramatic new features and a slew of small-but-vital improvements. In short, turning Mac OS 8.5 loose on your system is like having your Mac worked over by a phalanx of interior decorators and repair contractors.

Microprocessor Report Michael Slater

Just Why Aren't Computers Better?

There is an enormous gap between the potential of computing and what it delivers in practice. Computers are far too often annoying and aggravating and too rarely do everything we want them to do--and that they should, in theory, be able to do. The spectacular, continuing increases in semiconductor technology have given us a tool that is far outpacing our ability to use it optimally..

Microsoft Internet Magazine Dominic Gates

Carving Out a Niche on the Net

Minority-owned businesses are among those using the Web to target specific markets. Internet Magazine takes a look at African American Businesses on the Internet. The increasing community means opportunity is knocking for black business.

Music & Computers Craig Anderton

Getting Started with Digital Audio Soundcard

This article shows you how you can use your computer to record and edit audio. You can listen to two examples from the article and link to manufacturers of audio editing software. You can also check out an enhanced version of the soundcard hookup diagram featured in the article.

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