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November 1998

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Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

VAR Business 82 71 -11 Joe McGarvey,
Carol Ellison

AOL, Netscape Ink Deal

The deal instantly propeled AOL, already the king of online services, into a position to extend its dominance from the consumer sector to the corporate market. Shock waves reverberated through the industry and even shook the halls of justice where Microsoft lawyers declared the merger nullified the Department of Justice's anti-trust case against it.

Ed. - Most shaken by the deal?   Microsoft...
AOL Everywhere has Bill up at night.

Visual C++ Developers Journal 55 N/A N/A Shyam Sundar Rajagopalan

Enterprise Development with Visual C++ 6.0

The trend today in computer systems is away from monolithic, standalone systems and toward large, complex, interactive systems.Identifying a good process model to simplify system complexity is one of the first tasks to be carried out when designing large-scale distributed applications.


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*



Web Marketing Today 79 24 -55 Ralph F. Wilson

How to Advertise Your Site on a Slim Budget

The larger your company is or wants to be, the more important it is to develop a recognition of your name on the Internet. Your ideal is to become a household word... But branding is expensive.Talk to venture capitalists who share your dream, and you build your name with branding strategies. You've got to capture mindshare or be left in the ditch -- or perhaps the niche.

Ed.  - Think Web Influence. Without it, your customers won't know you're even there .

Web Developer 31 N/A N/A David Fiedler,
Scott Clark

Dr. Website

Protecting Web Imag es from Unwanted Copying: It can't be done--at least not until the full object model of a browser becomes exposed, letting you control the browser via a program--but at that point, anyone with a browser could still do it. Basically, if you can see it, you can download it, because your browser has already downloaded it into the cache on your machine.?
WebBusiness Magazine 75 N/A N/A Sari Kalin

That Sinking Feeling

When you ask some of (New Century Network)'s former owners and employees or online media pundits why this high-profile strategic partnership went south, most offer some variant of this answer: Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Ed. - Maybe it was a content problem. Like a wrapper without gum.

Web Review 56 N/A N/A Eric Meyer

Serving Up Navigational Style Sheets

Many Web authors, especially those who manage large Web sites, make use of server-side includes (SSIs). These are small snippets of code which cause the server to dynamically modify the document making life easier for Web Masters. This article offers a quick tutorial.
Win98 Magazine 39 40 +1 Stacia Athington

Getting To Know USB

Think of USB as a smart port for all of your PC peripherals. When you plug a USB-ready device into a USB port, system resources are automatically determined and configured. In essence, this is true plug-and-play!
Windows Magazine 7 N/A N/A Scot Finnie

10 Things You Must Know About IE5

After years of dramatic leap-frog releases from Microsoft and Netscape, the browser duel has come to a stand off... But that's a good thing. Most of us don't need or want any new features in our browsers.

Ed. - And some of us are afraid of technology. We still love our Remington typewriters...

Windows NT Magazine 38 57 +19 Junk Email It's out there, just waiting to find you--lurking and prowling like a thief in the night. It tracks you down using clues you leave sprinkled across the Internet, and when it finds you it dumps a ton of garbage on your system.

Ed. - It's junk Email, waiting to inundate your server, and it can stop you cold.

Wired 4 N/A N/A Jay Ogilvy

Dark Side of the Boom

In an interview with Wired Magazine, Manuel Castells, author of The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture (Blackwell, 1996-98), shares his views of the networked society and warns people to watch out for informational black holes.
WWWiz Magazine 48 N/A N/A Christine Stoner

Can I Buy You a Beer?

Beer is the perfect beverage for a Sunday football game or an elegant evening dinner party. I for one love beer, and I can see that many others do as well because there are more Web sites dedicated to this enticing beverage than could possibly be covered...


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


ZDNet 1 N/A N/A Jesse Berst
Microsoft: Our High-Bandwidth Hero!
The cable and phone companies have (greedily) dragged their feet -- and left us about two years behind schedule for high-bandwidth at home, but there is a solution on the horizon.

Ed. -The software baron from Redmond plays the White Knight for consumers?

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