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November 1998

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Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial Comments

Net Guide 11 31 +20 Michelle Schoenung

Everything Palm Pilot

The 3Com PalmPilot is one of the most ubiquitous status symbols of the digital age. It's sleek, chic and looks a lot cooler than a Franklin Planner. But one thing is for sure: It isn't just a snazzy-looking toy.

Ed. - With all the time you can save with this device, you can do more important things like downloading our pages.

Network Computing 65 53 -12 David Willis

Connectivity Begins at Home

The home is a terrible place for networking. For starters, it has no infrastructure. Few builders were enlightened enough to distribute Category 5 wire along with electrical, telephone and coax cabling--and even fewer home owners want to rip up their walls to put it in place now. Yet the need to share peripherals, network connections and files is obvious--especially in a small home office.
Network Magazine 65 N/A N/A Devin Wolfe

IBM Raises the Midrange Bar

Big Blue's latest rollout of the AS/400 server line is sure to up the stakes in the battle for the midrange-server market. IBM is beefing up its flagship line - now called AS/400e - by adding new 8- and 12-way models, a more powerful entry-level model, a new version of the OS/400 operating system, and loads of new enhancements, including a 64-bit PowerPC processor.

Ed. - After how they handled Lotus Notes debacle, Big Blue needed to be a little proactive.

New Media News 46 N/A N/A Emerald Yeh

Computer Rebate Scams

Rebates pop up in so many ads these days, especially for computer equipment and electronics. But while these rebates are increasing in popularity, so are complaints from customers who aren't getting their money back.

Ed. - It's generally reported that less than 30% of people actually send in for their rebates after the purchase is made. Seems like the vendors are trying to bring that number down even more. 3 N/A N/A Janet Kornblum

Can AOL and Netscape Make it Work

Sealing the deal was the easy part. Now the online giant and the browser pioneer must find a way to work out their differences. So why did they decide to get together? Most analysts argue that they really didn't have much choice.
New Zealand InfoTech Weekly 47 N/A N/A Amanda Wells

Baby, You're a Web Star

Before Alicia Baxter can even talk, she has her own Web site. The three-month-old Aucklander is online at a site where any baby can have its own free Web page.

Ed. - Hey advertisers: Talk about a targeted audience willing to spend money.


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


Oracle Magazine 58 N/A N/A David Baum

Data on Demand

Data warehouses are no longer used just for operational reporting; they are being put on the front lines as strategic weapons for making key business decisions. Key technologies speed the processing of complex analytical queries and reduce processing overhead, making it possible for companies to utilize information more effectively.


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial Comments

PC Computing 14 15 +1 Undocumented Internet Secrets Unlock hidden sites even the search engines miss, dig up dirt on anyone, and tap into incredible stashes of freebies for business and home!

Ed. - That guy that owes you $400 and just disappeared. Here's an easy way to find him.

PC Magazine 8 54 +46 Beautify Your System Tired of the way your Windows 95 / 98 system looks and sounds? Here are 100 downloads ranging from backgrounds to sounds to help you express your personal style on your PC.
PC Novice & Smart Computing 83 N/A N/A Problem Solved: What To Do When PCs Act Up Having proplems with software, your OS or just general computing issues. No fear, there's a list of indexed articles to try and help with all sorts of problems.
PC World 5 5 Steady Judy Heim

Controlling Active Channels

If not properly controlled, Internet Explorer's Active Channels can take over your Desktop, your system resources, and your life. Here's how to add and remove them from your Desktop and control their various intrusive properties.

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