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November 1998

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Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Industry Standard 60 N/A N/A Nancy Weil

White House Unveils E-Commerce Plan

Clinton said he has directed U.S. Commerce Secretary William Daley to work with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to establish regulations ensuring that buyers of online goods have the same protections as those shopping in regular stores.

Ed. - With the White House projecting that by the year 2010 one-quarter of global commerce will be conducted on the internet there's a lot of work to be done.

InfoWorld 9 12 +3 Kimberly Patch and Eric Smalley

Drop a Dime Online

Micropayments are one of the Internet's great failures. In the mid-1990s a handful of eager start-ups recognized that there will be an online economy and a lot of virtual money will be spent in small amounts. Creating a micropayment system is one thing. Getting financial institutions, consumers, and merchants to use it is an evolutionary process far beyond the scope of current Internet software development. Have times changed?
Intelligent Enterprise 98 N/A N/A Ian Shoales

Data Driven World

Shoales takes the term, "thinking outside the box," and applies it to everything from the corporate world, computers, society and everything in between in a fun, easy read.
Internet World 36 36 Steady Nelson Wang

Net IPOs Roller Coaster Ride

You probably heard of the stratospheric rise of stock prices for and Earth Web recently. You probably would have been rich if you would have put in an order to buy a couple of hours before the IPOs went public, right? WRONG. By the time most individual investor orders to buy at market were executed, the price had risen close to double what the stocks leveled off at several days later. So just who made all that money?
The Institute (IEEE) 70 91 +21 Annette Codispoti

Teachers Promote Technological Literacy

IEEE members and teachers want to change the course of precollege education to include technological literacy, but they can't do it alone. That's one of many lessons learned at the Technological Literacy Counts workshop 9-10 Oct., organized by IEEE Educational Activities.

Ed. - It's about time steps were taken to formally educate today's youth on something more than computer gaming.

Inter@ctive Week 15 32 +17 It's a Wired, Wired World. Or is It? In Inter@ctive Week's first look at the Net's international influence, they find wide discrepancies from continent to continent. An extensive collection of articles looking at the Asian and European perspective of the Net and surprisingly finding a lack of infrastructure.
Internet Week 23 N/A N/A Ben Slick

Sorting Through Web Recruitment Options

Every company using the Internet as an entree into a new market requires the same kinds of people--driven performers with highly specialized talents--to create and sustain competitive advantage. That's why you need to understand the capabilities and limitations of the Internet as a recruitment medium.


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*



JavaWorld 13 N/A N/A Gary McGraw and Edward Felten

Twelve Rules for Developing More Secure Java Code

Java is growing up and is starting to be used in many security-critical situations. But even with its advanced security architecture and built-in security features, Java isn't immune to security risks. As Java security practitioners, authors Gary McGraw and Edward Felten have learned many valuable lessons about how to create more secure code.
Java Pro 85 N/A N/A Luke Andrew Cassady-Dorian

Scripting Tools and Java

like natural languages, programming languages each have their own unique purpose. We have all come to love the fact that Java is great for writing all sorts of applications, but as much as Sun might hate to admit it, there are tasks best done in other languages. Fortunately, there are a lot of third-party vendors who have come to our rescue with a variety of solutions for integrating Java with other languages.


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*



Linux Today 100 N/A N/A David Orenstein

Linux Gains Support from Database Vendors

Linux's enterprise credibility climbed further recently as IBM released its DB2 database for Linux and its Transarc subsidiary announced that the upcoming version of its AFS file server will include a Linux port.
Linux Journal 35 22 -13 Technical Support Column A forum where short, specific questions, especially those regarding installing and setting up a Linux system, are answered. Answers from past columns are available here and can be especially useful.


Magazine 98 Web Influence 96 Web Influence 30-month Shift MIPS*


MacAddict 22 N/A N/A Maria Langer

Review: NetObjects Fusion 3.0

If you've ever tried to design, build, and manage a Web site with frequently changing content and organization, you know what a pain it can be to keep track of internal links, revise navigation bars, and make sure all pages have consistent interface elements. Enter NetObjects Fusion 3.0. It can handle all of these tedious tasks.
MacCentral 34 N/A N/A Dennis Sellers

Desktop Macs--what's next?

Expect Apple to relieve iMac envy among those needing more high-end machines by releasing the sexiest, most eye-catching pro models of Macs ever. Code named Yosemite, the machine is expected to be an incredible leap forward in power and design.

Ed. - It's said that with Connectix VirtualPC, your Mac can run Windows faster than Pentium-based computers too. Now that's sexy.

MacOSRumors 43 N/A N/A Ryan Meader

Apple to Offer Rewards

According to reliable sources, Apple will soon be offering incentive bonuses of $25-$50 to US retail sales associates who sell iMacs and PowerBooks. Each sale will result in the associate being paid directly by Apple. While this plan raises questions of what conflicts of interest might result (and whether Apple really wants to distract customers from its current G3 line), it should make tremendous differences in the attitudes of many sales associates about the way they approach customers.

Ed. - Ever try to get help in a CompUSA Mac section? Good luck. Maybe this will kick sales in the butt.

MacWeek 6 10 +4 Don Crabb

Good news for consumers

Any AOL/Netscape merger would benefit consumers since it would prop-up Microsoft's only real browser competitor and give AOL access to even more Netscape customers (via browser links, of course). That means that a merged AOL/Netscape would be a much stronger competitor to Microsoft on the Web.
Macworld 10 4 -6 Andy Ihnatko

What, Fruitcake Again?

Such is the runaway popularity of the iMac that the darling little 40-pound device is having its influence all over the industry, with everyone rushing to buy peripherals that are stylistically compatible with that supertrendy plastic bubble on their desk.

Ed. - That's all well and good, but will they match my purse?

Maximum PC 97 N/A N/A Terminator In addition to daily news, "ask the doctor," and a watchdog section this magazine boasts an extensive dictionary of technical terms.
Microprocessor Report 77 N/A N/A Michael Slater

The Elusive Goal of Simplicity

Slater believes we are at the brink of the age of information appliances. By focusing on a single application and shedding the baggage and complexity of the PC standard, he says, information appliances could make computing safe for the masses--and they are likely to create huge demand for low-cost but high-performance embedded processors.

Ed. - Slater has some inspiring visions of the future, only he wants it now.

Microsoft Internet Magazine 73 76 +3 David Laskin

Pornography on the Internet

Imagine researching some dry weighty subject deep in the bowels of an august public library and suddenly finding yourself surrounded by the undulating flesh of a peep show. Sounds like the surreal fantasy of a very bored college freshman -- but that's the reality of life on the Internet today.
Music & Computers 76 N/A N/A Craig Anderton

Setting Up a Desktop Recording Studio

This article explains what you'll need to create layered "multitrack" music on your computer. There are also some links to manufacturers of sample CDs and multitrack recording hardware and software.


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