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November - December 1996

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"In the beginning was the WORD..."

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
National Computer Tectonics Highly Targeted Marketing on the Web by Bruce Morris Cookies Lead Inevitably to TCP/IP TV ... This is about how big and small business will make big money from the new abilities of the astute Webmaster to determine exactly who is coming to their Web sites.
Navigator HistoryTree Plug-in by Shannon Turlington HistoryTree records your Web explorations in an intuitive "tree" format, not just in a history list, as Navigator does. The plug-in lets you easily visualize what Web pages you've seen and instantly jump back to other trains of thought. It can show you where you were ten minutes ago or ten days ago.
Net Guide The Art of Setting Up an Intranet Web Server By Glenn Fleishman Three critical and related factors will keep your server happy if they're tuned to work with one another: random access memory, swap space, and load.
NewMedia Magazine Survival in the Age of Telemedia Michael Moon ( Why will many digital-media businesses hit the wall in the next 18 months? The answers relate to creating and carrying out a strong business model
Network Computing The Quest For Wireless Internet Access Bill Frezza Some philosophers claim that true happiness is wanting what you get rather than getting what you want. Obviously, these geniuses never had to make a living satisfying customers. And what the customer wants right now is a practical way to achieve wireless Internet access.


Magazine EL RANK* Outline/Quotes  
OEM Magazine "Nintendo vs. the CD-ROMs!" by Jim Willcox It a time when analysts are predicting the imminent demise of Apple Computer Inc. in the face of the Windows juggernaut, consider the story of Nintendo Co. Ltd. Like Apple, Nintendo has stubbornly stuck to its own technology as competitors moved elsewhere...After all, long before Microsoft Corp. was ever described as an 800-pound gorilla, Nintendo ruled the videogame jungle. With a market share in excess of 80 percent, Nintendo dominated 8-bit videogames...


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
PC Computing Explorer vs. Navigator By Rich Schwerin There hasn't been a battle like this for years... In its latest incarnation, Internet Explorer 3.0 rivals Navigator for features and adds unique touches of its own. Meanwhile, Navigator 3.0 is richer than ever and still boasts dominant market share... experts inspected both browsers in several key areas--e-mail, finding information, bookmarking your favorite Web sites, downloading files, and customization...
PC Magazine Underground Internet by Preston Gralla The Internet doesn't come with a manual. There's no official repository of expert tips, speedup shortcuts, or insider secrets... To keep you in the know, PC Computing's editors dug deep into the Internet underground, ... emerged with tips on speeding up every aspect of your online sessions and getting your hands on the hottest Net utilities.
PC World Internet Overload: Disaster in the Making? By James A. Martin Massive logjams and service brownouts are plaguing the Internet. Some say it's headed straight for a breakdown. Are the doomsayers right?

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