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November - December 1996

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
IBM Personal Systems Magazine Building Object-Oriented Applications from Existing C Codeby Gregory Piamonte This article discusses how the Visual Builder component of VisualAge C++ can extend the usefulness of legacy C code and existing C skills, and provide an elegant migration path from C and procedural programming to C++ and OO development.
InfoWorld Netscape's Barksdale accuses Oracle of takeover ploys By Niall McKay Oracle believes that the battle for Web browser dominance is over and that now users are looking toward other solutions that enable electronic commerce and business-to-business transactions over the Internet. An Oracle insider said that Ellison has been heralding Netscape's death since last May.
Information Week Published Code Leads To Attacks On Web Servers According to a bulletin published by the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), a non-profit computer organization run through Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, the magazines published two separate programs that facilitate denial-of-service attacks, which cause all of a server's resources to be eaten up by connecting clients through "half-open connections."
iWORLD Visual J++ Completes Beta Visual J++ is designed to allow users to develop Java-compatible applets and provide extensibility with ActiveX technologies. Microsoft reports that programmers can create 100 percent Java-compatible multiplatform Java code and extend Java applications with components created in other programming languages that support the ActiveX specification. and car companies.
Institute (IEEE) Turbocharging the Web DOWN THE PIPE BY GREG GILLESPIE To many Internet devotees, WWW stands for the "World Wide Wait," where users are forced to gaze numbly at a computer screen while data struggles to squeeze through a narrowing pipeline... CABLE MODEMS. Nowadays, seemingly everyone has a cousin or mother-in-law living in a cable modem test area, where the lucky guinea pigs enjoy transmission speeds up to 10 Mb/s downstream. You're always on line, and you'll have the option of flipping between the WWW and your favorite TV show, if you're so inclined....
Inter@ctive Week M'soft Vs. Netscape: Now It's Servers By Karen Rodriguez If you thought the browser wars between Microsoft Corp. and Netscape Communications Corp. were bruising, just sit tight for the server wars... Each company is focusing on Intranets, trying to convince corporate developers to use its form of building software through components known as objects; and then using complementary technology to distribute usable applications across the Internet.
Interactive Age IT Stars Debate State of the Industry By Patricia Brown When asked by Brokaw what he would do about the "Wintel" domination, Amelio joked that his first instinct was to reach for nuclear weapons, but then took a more practical stand and suggested that within five years, a layer of platform independence will have developed and a new level of competitors will emerge. He reminded the audience that the industry must "remain mindful" of a time when IBM owned 90 percent of the OS market and 80 percent of the hardware market.
Internet World Copyright Corruption According to a statement from the Digital Freedom Coalition--which includes the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), People for the American Way, and the American Library Association--if passed in its current form, the National Information Infrastructure Copyright Protection Act (H.R.2441 and S.1284) would "make it a copyright violation to browse the Net without a license from copyright owners."
Intranet Journal "Web Site Administration Made Easy" by Patrick O'Hannigan Web site administration can be a rewarding addition to a career, or a burdensome backwater lacking advancement potential. As more people learn HTML and self- publishing gets ever easier, the need for competent Web site administration becomes glaringly apparent throughout cyberspace. By following the principles outlined in this document, you can increase both your users' satisfaction and your own.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes/Comments  
JavaWorld New JavaScript features in Navigator 3.0 By Gordon McComb In some cases, 3.0 fixed bugs that exist in JavaScript for Netscape 2.0, and in other cases, 3.0 added new functions. And in a few cases, changes to the way Netscape 3.0 works make JavaScript programs for 2.0 inoperative.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
LAN Magazine In the Line of Fire by Anita Karvé A company's Internet connection is a sitting duck for hackers. But a firewall to protect network resources just might help network administrators sleep a little better.
LAN Times Crossed Wires By Brian Riggs Internet service providers face intense opposition to IP telephony services. Telephone companies are waging a regulatory battle with ISPs, which--in addition to providing inexpensive Internet access--have begun to offer dirt-cheap telephony services.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes/Comments  
Mac User Zip or Zap? ISDN or Internet? By Bob Schaffel and Chuck Weger You've just finished laying out the pages of your client's project, and now it needs to get to the print shop. How will the files get there? On Zip discs (how many)? On SyQuest cartridges (which size)? On magneto-optical discs (which format)? On punched cards (yeah, right)? Hey, what about doing away with media altogether by sending them electronically? to sort it out for themselves.
Mac Week Microsoft previews Mac Internet Explorer 3.0 By James Staten ( ... a final version is expected to ship at January's Macworld Expo in San Francisco.
Macworld Quick Tips By Lon Poole Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts
Microprocessor Report Microprocessors for PCs A selection of articles 1993-1996
Microprocessor Report has chronicled the emergence of new microprocessors since the days of the 386.
Microsoft Magazine Tips It's easy to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Microsoft Works version 4.0 for Windows 95.
Mobilis The mobilist Survey Each product ... is a summary, or averaging, of the results submitted by all reviewers of the product.

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