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November - December 1996

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"In the beginning was the WORD..."

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Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Datamation Big-time, big-league Web outsourcing By Elaine L. Appleton Egads! Your company is graduating from a simple home page to a big-deal, big-volume, big-bucks-generating Web site. What to do? Outsource, of course.
Data Communications Magazine Strategic Security For IP Networks Marcus J. Ranum Essentially, there are three types of technologies used to build secure networks. Access-control products--like firewalls, authentication servers, and dial-back modems--keep intruders off the corporate net.
DBMS Magazine C++ Tools For Client/Server Development By David S. Linthicum A Survey of C++ Tools and Add-On Products for Client/Server Application Development.
develop, The Apple Technical Journal According to Script: Attaching and Embedding Scripts by CAL SIMONE One of the least-implemented powerful capabilities you can add to your application is attaching and embedding scripts. In this column I'll give you an idea of how to do this, and clear up some confusion along the way.
Dr. Dobb's Journal Wanted: Senior C++ Programmer by Al Stevens The questions are in three categories: * The first category probes whether applicants have a rudimentary understanding of the differences between C and C++. * The second category examines their grasp of class design. * The third determines how well they have kept abreast of language changes that the ANSI committee has proposed and approved.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
EDN Access EDN's 23rd Annual Microprocessor/Microcontroller Directory This has been a busy year in the microprocessor/microcontroller industry. MIPS had its best year ever, shipping 5.5 million processors... Some of the noteworthy new architectures are Motorola's 16-bit HC12, Mitsubishi's 32-bit M32R/D, and MIPS' R5000...
Edupage ORACLE CHIEF THINKS NETSCAPE'S ON WAY OUT Oracle chief executive Larry Ellison said an industry conference in Paris that its sometime-ally Netscape has "no chance of surviving" ... Netscape executives have suggested that Ellison is hoping to talk down the price of Netscape in preparation for a takeover attempt. (Financial Times 3 Oct 96)
EE Times "Thin client" called threat to Wintel A new report predicts that Microsoft Corp. and Intel Corp. face uncertain futures thanks to the rapid evolution of Internet-based computing models... that will be spearheaded by stripped-down inexpensive PCs called "thin clients," which will replace Windows PCs
Electronic Buyers' News China: From Mystery To Megapuzzle By Tom McHale China's semiconductor market is growing 50% to 70% a year through the 1990s-with average growth over 15 years of 40%. "Last year you saw a $4 billion semiconductor market in China. By the year 2005, it will be a $150 billion market, and by 2010 it will reach $550 billion-if that 40% growth holds"... in 2010, China will be the world's second- largest semiconductor market, just behind the United States...
Entropy Gradient Reversals index' page
by Chris Clocke
If anything on these pages appears not to be working properly, it is either because:
a) you aren't using the latest version of Netscape
b) you are using the latest version of Netscape.
Embedded Systems Programming Device Drivers for Nonexistent Devices by Larry Mittag Procrastination is a bad idea when it comes to developing device drivers. It's better to write as much of the device driver as possible before the hardware is available. Although this can be a daunting task, the payoff can be a shorter overall product development cycle.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Family PC The Web Targets Kids By Deborah Branscum Washington, DC-based Center for Media Education (CME) documented Web sites invading the privacy of young children and using "new unfair and deceptive forms of advertising." The unique, interactive nature of online communication has given marketers an unprecedented opportunity to reach young consumers. Marketers have responded, according to the CME, by using gifts and contests to collect detailed data from the kids who visit their Web sites.
Federal Computer Week Analyst teaches old feds new tricks BY ELANA VARON ( Tim Shaughnessy, a procurement policy analyst with the Internal Revenue Service, can attest to the veracity of one of the most common maxims in procurement reform circles: No matter how many laws change, improvement in the procurement system depends upon agencies adopting a new "culture.''


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Government Technology Magazine No Stamps in Cyberspace By Blake Harris Postal Service had been negotiating with software companies like Digital Equipment Corp. and IBM, as well as with computer networks like America Online, to offer an "official" USPS electronic postmark service in lieu of private sector encryption services...
In April this year, a global ePost service made its debut, allowing electronic mail to be sent domestically or to foreign countries where it would be printed and delivered in hard copy form.


Magazine MIPS* Outline/Quotes  
Home Computing & Entertainment A Printshop in Your Home by Gerry Blackwell A Printshop in Your Home Five software packages that make it easy to create greeting cards, letterhead, calendars and other projects on your home computer.
homepage.journal The blue link:
visual language in the birth canal
by Joanna Wiebe
The syntax of visual language, when worked out, will be as deceptively simple as the rules which govern the flight of birds, or the workings of our dopamine cells which, it is theorized, increase or decrease their firing rates in response to errors in predictions about the world around us, predictions based on metaphorical information input to the brain: sensory input and memories of sensory states.
Home PC Two more Quicken tips By William E. Forbes Jr. ... a couple of things about Quicken that you [Wayne Harris]did not mention in your June Financial Adviser column ("10 Tips for Making the Most of Quicken and Money,"...) that may help other readers.
HotWired Jonesing for MacJava by Simson Garfinkel
Apple implementation percolates at a painfully protracted pace
... There was a time when MacOS was far better for accessing the Internet than the junk coming out of Redmond. The Mac shipped with a good implementation of TCP/IP, and there were many interesting clients and a vibrant developer community.
But Microsoft showed us all that there is no problem that money can't fix...
HUM - Canada's Government Computer Magazine The Tangled Web By Christopher Guly Internet privacy: someone to watch over you - like it or not

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