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December 1998

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Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

VAR Business 88 Matthew A. De Bellis

Is There a Future in Speech Recognition?

As data-oriented networks become more accommodating to voice-based traffic, Tech Data Corp., the No. 2 technology products distributor,  expects the opportunities for VARs to add value and services to solutions based on speech-recognition to continue to expand. The company is putting its weight behind the burgeoning speech-recognition industry.

Ed. - What happens to the doctors that specialize in carpal tunnel syndrome?

Visual C++ Developers Journal 54 Pierre Nallet

Building A Namespace Extension With ATL

Today's Windows Explorer is more than a file explorer; it has the capability of browsing any in-process COM (Component Object Model) server that supports a certain set of interfaces, making them appear as if they were special kinds of folders. Such COM servers are called namespace extensions.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Web Marketing Today


Ralph F. Wilson

Five Circles of Relationship Marketing on the Web

What is Web marketing anyway? Buying a few banner ads? Perhaps, but that's only the beginning. Web marketing isn't primarily a numbers game; it's a people-serving activity. You won't do very well at Web marketing until you begin to see the vast number of people on the Web as real individuals, each with needs, desires, and preferences.

Ed.  - Think Web Influence. Without it, your customers won't know you're even there.

Web Developer 28

David Fiedler

Software Review: Dreamweaver 2.0

What can edit Web pages in a truly useful WYSIWYG mode, keep track of complex links, mirrors your Web site, and flies? Is all this really possible in a product that doesn't write disgustingly bad HTML...or are we (wait for it) just dreaming? Read the reviews and find out.

Ed. - More professional than FrontPage, less complicated than Fusion, Dreamweaver will be a dream come true for some.

WebBusiness Magazine 79

Sari Kalin

Whoever Sells the Most Toys Wins

Toys "R" Us and eToys have spent months redesigning their sites and millions of dollars priming for a marketing battle that is a case study classic: Web-only storefront takes on established king of big box retailing.

Ed. - With the rapid growth of e-commerce, it's a game neither company can afford to lose.

Web Reference 14

Dynamic HTML Lab: Heirarchical Menus

Trouble creating menus with dhtml? Don't despair! The most oft-asked question ever at DHTML Lab, "Why don't the menus work in Communicator 4.5?", is finally answered. This one-line modification to our popular script will ensure that your Communicator 4.5 users can continue using the hierarchical menus to navigate your site with Mac-like cascading menus.

Ed. -This is sure to bring out some of those mac-purists with their slogans like, "Windows 98 = Mac 84."

Web Review 31

Michael Swaine

Browsers Go Bizarro

Think you're having problems getting IE and Navigator to do what you want? With names like Shredder and funksolegrind, you'd be amazed at what these alternative browsers will do to your content.

Ed. -Hmm...A browser that does only what it's designer wants it to. Thanks but no thanks.

Web Techniques 43

Tim Bray

Stretching the Concept of the Document

The first wave of XML fans was made up of people who'd spent years working in the SGML community, mostly with a publishing background. These people knew what a document was, what a style sheet was, and how to publish information for human consumption. The second generation of XML users is starting to crowd the conference hallways and Internet forums, and they're a kettle of fish of a different color, so to speak. Mostly, they're computer programmers trying to build stuff that works across the network, and they're seizing on XML as a way to move structured data back and forth between this application and that

Ed. -Using XML for data exchange seems to be the hottest thing. We like the concept of defining your own tags.

Win98 Magazine 38

Austin Williams

CTX EzBook 777

If you've been online recently (obviously you have) or have read any computer magazines, you're seen all the hype about the "new and improved" notebook PCs. Get real! Win98 Magazine's opinion is very simple. Let desktop PCs be desktop PCs, and keep the laptops simple and powerful. This is where CTX International's Notebook Division comes in

Ed. -With an estimated street price of $1600 it's something you might want to look into.

Windows Magazine 8

Mike Elgan

End of the PC Era

Researchers, analysts and other pundits predict that an explosion of intelligent, networked, single-purpose devices will replace the all-purpose, one-size-fits-all PC. The PC is too complicated. It's too hard to use. It's too big. Users are fed up.

Ed. - If Elgan is in fact right in his predictions, it's alright. We'll still be here and with an internet connection you can still access Internet Valley and stay abreast on industry trends.

Windows NT Magazine 33

Frank Gladysz

Optimize Outlook on Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 has several components you can use to improve client, server, and networking performance. You can optimally configure Microsoft Outlook 8.03 to interact with Exchange by using the same techniques you used to optimize previous versions of Outlook and the Exchange client.
Wired 5

The Wired 25

Meet the Wired 25, class of 1998. They are actively, even hyperactively, inventing tomorrow. From a wide range of professions, they have one thing in common: devotion to a singular ambition. They are attempting the impossible, and whether they succeed or fail, they will have a lasting impact on your life (and the lives of your kids).
WWWiz Magazine 49

Don Hamilton and Hank Meyer

Financing Your Startup Business

Business startups are being created at the rate of more than 700,000 per year. And small business is big business: it accounts for more than half the private work force in the country, and a significant proportion of all sales. To fund that growth, new and expanding companies need access to capital in the form of both long- and short-term loans and direct investment. Enter venture capitalists.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments



Jesse Berst

Beware Tech Lock-In: How to Avoid Getting Trapped

Before you get married, you get to know your prospective partner. Ironically, you spend virtually no time getting to know your partner's extended family. Who turn out to be a leading cause of marital friction. You can also get locked in when you buy computer hardware and software.

Ed. -Following this logic, if you use Netscape as your browser, does AOL automatically become your mother in law?

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