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December 1998

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Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Industry Standard 66 Bernhard Warner and Lessley Anderson

Too Legit to Pirate? Record Labels Fight Back

In a first for the recording industry, executives from the world's top labels pledged at a press conference in mid-December to collaborate with technology companies to develop a standard for the secure distribution of digital music.
InfoWorld 9 James Niccolai

Mouse Designer Roars at Microsoft with Lawsuit

A small California computer hardware company has sued Microsoft for upward of 1$ billion for allegedly stealing the company's design for a user-friendly computer mouse. In a suit filed Dec. 14 in U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas, Goldtouch Technologies charges Microsoft with theft of trade secrets, patent infringement and fraud.

Ed. - When it rains, it pours in Redmond.

Intelligent Enterprise 99 David Stodder

The 12 Most Influential Companies in IT

“Better, faster, cheaper,” the mantra of technology vendors, still drives product development and marketing. But now a new word must be added: integrated. This year’s Intelligent Enterprise Dozen—and our choice for number one—offers testament to the importance of application integration.
Internet World 32 Nelson Wang

AOL/Netscape Deal Affects Majority of Net Users

New data released by Cyber Dialogue show that Netscape and America Online users are two very different breeds, which presents a challenge to AOL now that the two have become one. The AOL/Netscape merger means that one out of three US adults who go online at least once a month will soon start their online session by opening a page owned by AOL.

Ed. - It will be interesting to see how AOL reconciles the needs of two totally different types of users.

The Institute (IEEE) 67 IEEE Announces New Publications Starting in January The IEEE Computer Society and the American Institute of Physics will publish a new bimonthly magazine, Computing In Science & Engineering, beginning January 1999. The new magazine combines the bimonthly Computers In Physics, published by AIP, and the quarterly IEEE Computational Science & Engineering. The IEE will also launch three other publications in January as well.

Ed. - According to our research, the Institute has made some strong progress in the past 30 months. These additions should help.

Inter@ctive Week 20 Goes Hollywood Inc. is going Hollywood. The Web-based portal for streaming media has begun posting full-length movies for viewing via the Internet. It's all part of a broader effort by to position itself as a comprehensive "Internet film library" offering video snippets on an array of subjects, ranging from car-repair tutorials to art appreciation lessons.

Ed. - We're usually one of the first to embrace new technologies, but we just can't seem to get excited about watching Titanic online.

Internet Week 21 Lee Copeland

Lotus Notes/Domino Delivery Slips

Lotus Development Corp. watchers should not expect any gifts from the company this Christmas. Contrary to previously announced plans, the groupware vendor confirmed Monday that Notes/Domino 5.0 will not ship this year.

Ed. - Just a quick note to Lotus: next time it might be a good idea to get your product on the market during a heavy buying period.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

JavaWorld 13 Jini Technology: Opportunity 'Round the Bend Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy recently went  to New York to talk about the future. But first he couldn't resist basking a bit in the glory of the recent past. "The JavaTM platform momentum has had a very good few weeks," McNealy told a keynote audience at Java Business Expo conference. That momentum is likely soon to get an extra boost from something called "Jini" technology -- a startlingly simple, lightweight, networked system that enables business and consumer devices to share services and communicate.

Ed. - Ever notice your system has every conceivable driver on it except the one you need? Java's "Jini" technology promises to eliminate that headache.

Java Pro 83 Michael Morrison

Playing Audio with JavaBeans

Software components form the basis of the JavaBeans technology. Through its specific approach of providing a software component technology, JavaBeans enable software developers to design and create reusable pieces of software that easily integrate with each other, other applications, and development tools. In this article the author develops an audio player Bean capable of playing audio clips by clicking on a simple icon.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Linux Journal 29 Sean Eric Fagan

Installation and Configuration of FreeBSD

FreeBSD is a popular (and free) Unix-like operating system, available from the Internet and on CD-ROM (chiefly from Walnut Creek CD-ROM). In this respect, it shares much with Linux, which is admittedly more popular and better documented. In this article, the author will describe the process of installing FreeBSD on a LAN, and configuring it to work as a web server, all using free software.
Linux Today 100 David Orenstein

Exclusive Interview with Corel Computer

Corel Computer has recently made several announcements regarding their position with Linux. They will be supporting KDE on the NetWinder, have already announced two NetWinder models with many more flavors on the way, and have committed support to the WINE project. Linux Today Editor Dave Whitinger spoke with some higher ups about these developments.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

MacAddict 24 Norton Utilities 4.0
Competition is good, right? In the field of hard disk utility packages, Symantec's Norton Utilities has reigned practically unchallenged for a long tome- -that is, until Apple implemented HFS+ (or Extended Format). Symantec took several months to make sure that Norton Utilities for Macintosh was compatible with this new volume format.

Ed. - Norton better build a shield to protect its market share from upstart challenger MicroMat's TechTool Pro 2.11.

MacCentral 27 Don Crabb

1998: The Year of the iMac

The revised iMac also looks different than its Pentium Wintel competition, because it is different. Besides its alternately funky and snazzy translucent white and teal (nee, Bondi Blue) plastic case, contoured Euro-look mouse and keyboard, and built-in handle (remember the original Mac?), the iMac is jammed with technology that belies its price.
MacOSRumors 39 Ryan Meader

Best Buy Jumps the Gun

Apparently, Best Buy had reduced iMac Rev. B pricing to $999 in many stores as of Wednesday, but today re-issued the orders, with pricing set at $1099. Reportedly, the company's margins are the same as other retailers, but the company wants to ride the reduced-pricing wave before Apple officially reduces the priucing in January.

Ed. - This blunder apparently has Apple hopping mad, as Best Buy, in its war with CompUSA, has violated all sorts of agreements of the pricing of the little blue wonder.

MacWeek 7 Don Crabb

'No Big Future' for Themes

Many observers had expected Apple to follow up on the controversial interface appearance feature introduced in OS 8.5 that allows users to customize the Mac's familiar interface. OS 8.5 shipped with nine Themes, including Bubbles, Roswell and Convergence. But Apple's Mac OS product manager, Peter Lowe, says Mac OS 8.6 will include only "modest" enhancements to the user experience.

Ed. - Sounds like a common theme of now you see it, now you don't technology from Apple.

Macworld 10 Julie Polito

The World Is Flat

You may think you're content as you spend every workday staring into the heavy, flickering glass tube that is your display. But your computing experience is about to radically change--the world is going flat. Flat-panel displays, after several years of being oohed and aahed over, are finally finding their way onto desks en masse. Prices are dropping; screen sizes are growing from a wimpy 13 inches to a grand 22; and picture quality is improving, offering readable text and more-recognizable images.

Ed. - Well, if they use less power, are easier on the eyes and take about one-third the space, what's the delay?

Maximum PC 98 3Dfx Buys STB In a bold move to get its chips inside top PC makers and take a shot at its closest competitor, 3Dfx is finalizing a deal to purchase ailing video card maker STB Systems.

Ed. - Whether this was a strategic move or one of desperation depends on who you ask.

Microprocessor Report 77 Michael Slater

Evolution of the x86 Architecture

For nearly 20 years, derivatives of the instruction-set architecture Intel created for the 8086 have dominated the world of general-purpose computing. Thanks to the spectacular success of the IBM PC and the standard it spawned, the x86 architecture has achieved a level of success that no one would have dared hope for. Slater takes a look at the evolution.
Music & Computers 74 Craig Anderton

Put Interactive Music on Your Web Site

Have you ever wanted to create music and sound effects for a CD-ROM or a Web site? Using Headspace's Beatnik Music Engine, not only is it possible, it's easy and free. This article features an easy-to-follow tutorial that teaches you how to add music and interactivity to your Web site.

Ed. - Download the Beatnik plug-in and you're site will be rockin-n-rollin in no time, if that's what you're into.


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