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December 1998

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Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Datamation 15 Karen D. Schwartz

Y2K Planning: Outsourcing Takes Center Stage

The show must go on for small- and mid-sized companies that don't have the IT infrastructure or financial resources to tackle the Year 2000 problem on top of existing responsibilities. Hence, outsourcing, usually by companies in a financial bind, is expected to grow exponentially over the next several years, notes Clare Gillan, vice president of applications research at International Data Corp. (IDC), a market research firm. Year 2000 compliance is a major reason for this trend, she says, although other factors such as offloading secondary or time- or labor-intensive processes also figure into the equation.
Data Communications Magazine 30 1999 Market Forecast Can the bulls beat back the bears? After this year's roller-coaster stock rides and Asia-Pacific meltdowns, the best minds in business seem to be focusing on that question. But should anyone in the networking and telecom industries care? Maybe not. Because barring major crisis, 1999 should be much like 1998-a year of steady growth, strong in some areas if unspectacular in others.
Dr. Dobb's Journal 37 Howard Rubin

The United States IT Workforce Shortage

With all the attention being devoted to the Year 2000 computer crisis and the European Monetary Unit conversion, it is almost no surprise that a far larger crisis -- the information-technology (IT) workforce labor shortage -- is being overshadowed. In this article, they provide a multidimensional view of IT workforce labor shortage issues, drawing heavily on the findings of their own 1995, 1996, and first-half 1997 Worldwide Benchmark Project findings.



Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


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EDN Access 53 Dan Strassberg

HDTV: The Great Picture Isn’t the Whole Picture

As you read this article, the first high-definition-television (HDTV) sets are making their way from dealers’ warehouses to living rooms in several areas of the United States. HDTV appears to have it all—stunning pictures, 3-D sound, and great technology. But unanswered questions abound, and cable seems to be going its own way.
EE Times 62 Smart Technologies Find the latest news on neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algoithms, virtual reality and more onEE Times Online's Smart Technologies Special Interest Group. Press "What's Hot" for links to the latest stories. Press "Milestones" for the recent historical record of the smart technologies and their applications.Press "Players" to list the companies by field or application. Press "Catching Up" to read tutorials and about important researchers.

Ed. - Just be sure to press the back button on your browser when you're done.

Entropy Gradient Reversals 85 Chris Worth

Darling, I'm Not Content!

Content can outride big budgets. It's  about to happen with advertising. A million niche brands will grip -- have already gripped -- the grassroots with compelling content, while the Proctor & Gambles blast yet more advertising to ABC1s and wonder why they're not listening. Content will bury mass-market advertising. And unless ad agencies look up, they'll be six feet under.

Ed. - We innterupt this outline for a word from our sponsors.

Embedded Systems Programming 51 Doug Brown

Solving the Software Safety Paradox

Embedded systems running safety-critical applications have a quandary. How can the software know that it’s operating correctly? Can a malfunctioning system diagnose itself and either correct the problem or halt itself? This article examines some techniques that allow the software to monitor itself, with a bias toward those techniques that can be easily implemented in almost any embedded system.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


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Fairfax Information Technology:
Sydney Morning Herald
19 Jenny Sinclair

Get on the Net, Warns Advocate

E-Commerce advocate Anna Cook believes small businesses need to get on the Net or get left behind. Even if an owner could not see the benefit, their customers might, Cook said.

Ed. - Check out the Web presence of some of IT's bigger companies.

Family PC 40 Robin Raskin

Internet Mom: Office Rage

Beneath our veneers of good manners and taste we are all just one step away from savagery. And while we sit passively at our computers, dutifully answering our e-mails, clicking through our spreadsheets, "yes sir"-ing the boss, and watching the stock charts do their somersaults, there's a quiet rage burning within us. Or maybe it's not such a quiet rage.

Ed. - For a good example of a not-so-quiet rage, view this clip (416k)

Federal Computer Week 45 Daniel Verton

Critics Charge DOD Web Policy Too Restrictive

This month's release of the Defense Department's long-awaited policies and procedures for posting official information on DOD World Wide Web sites puts unprecedented discretion in the hands of local commanders and marks a significant departure from past Web guidance.

Ed. - We're guessing information on Operation Desert Fox was not publicly accesible.

FEED 26 Steven Johnson

All Kinds of Places Are Good for Ads

As many commentators have already noted, Sherlock, Apple's new search utility, or its "search internet" feature, relies on a curious arrangement with several major search engines. Sherlock enables Mac OS users to do multiple searches of web sites from the desktop, without opening a browser; the results appear in a special Sherlock window, and display a banner advertisement along with a few snippets of hypertext summarizing the document selected. To read the entire document itself, you simply click on the link, and your default browser loads up the page for you.
Fontsite 81
As Fontsite wandered about the web, they found many people like uthem who think typography is not a dying art, but one worth preserving. When they discover sites they believed are the finest to be found, they listed them here.


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


Ed. - Editorial comments

Game Revolution 55
Game Previews
If you're into games, this is the site for you. Check out their reviews of available games, upcoming releases and daily gaming news. This site is devoted to satisfying the needs of casual players to the hard core role playing game enthusiasts.
Government Technology Magazine 52 Blake Harris

The New Model - It's Now About People

Economic development used to be about industry, infrastructure and material resources. But economic development in the future will be increasingly tied to electronic commerce, or what Lou Gerstner Jr., chairman and chief executive of IBM, prefers to call e-business.

Ed. - IBM, always one of the leaders in sales, looks to expand its lead into the realm of e-commerce in 1999.

Government Computer
94 James Careless

Inside the NMSO

There is a lot of money to be made by selling computer products to government, and the competition is getting fierce. Put simply, the NMSO is the purchasing bible for federal civil servants for microcomputers. It's where they look when they need to buy computers, because the companies listed on the NMSO have already been approved by Public Works and Government Services Canada. For computer manufacturers and vendors alike, the big question is, "how do I get on the NMSO?"


Magazine Dec 98 Web Influence Rank MIPS*


homepage.journal 93 Jeff Sutherland

Why I Love the OMG

Object technology, a necessary but not sufficient condition for software reuse, requires an infrastructure that supports plug compatible Business Object Components for fast and flexible delivery of new or enhanced products to the marketplace. This paper is a retrospective view on key conceptual issues driving the standardization of a Business Object Component Architecture (BOCA) within the Object Management Group (OMG).

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