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SAN JOSE, Calif., November 16, 1998 –Xilinx, Inc., (NASDAQ:XLNX), today announced the creation of  the Xilinx Program for Engineering Resources from Third Parties (XPERTS).  This is a partnership program with third-party design consulting companies that offer programmable logic design expertise to electronic equipment manufacturers. Xilinx launched the program with an initial 26 member companies worldwide.  

The objective of the program is to make it easy for customers to access certified consultants who have in-depth knowledge and expertise using Xilinx solutions and who offer services in areas such as design implementation, cores and system integration. 

 “There is a clear lack of engineering resources in the electronics industry today, and more customers utilize the help of specialized consultants to complement their internal efforts," said Babak Hedayati, program director of the CORES Solutions Group at Xilinx. "With the availability of Virtex FPGAs, web enabled software, and leading core solutions, Xilinx continues to lead in all aspects of FPGA solutions and increase its customer base. We established the XPERTS program as a proactive response to ensure certified and specialized consulting is available to meet their needs.” 

The XPERTS program includes consulting companies active in a variety of vertical markets such as networking, telecommunications, computers, industrial control, consumer electronics, military, and aerospace. Most of the consulting partners in this worldwide program provide the critical local support often requested by customers. A strict certification process allows only qualified consulting companies into the program. Members must have demonstrated expert-level skills in HDL design and have a proven record of success with complex system designs in areas that include DSP, PCI, telecommunications, graphics and image processing. 

“The rapid-fire advances in the programmable logic industry make it imperative that we have detailed, advanced product information and training to help our customers make their design decisions and bring their products to market on time,” said Tim Smith, managing director of Memec Design Services in Phoenix, Ariz.  “Xilinx is to be congratulated for creating such a comprehensive program. The XPERTS program will help us develop the expertise we need to continue to succeed in this fast-paced market.”  

A new section on the Xilinx web site profiles both U.S. and international XPERTS members, giving customers easy access to the consultants’ areas of specialization as well as direct contact information. Xilinx is committed to the success of its partners and has designed this program to provide advance technical information, training, support and promotional opportunities to members. 

Xilinx is the leading innovator of complete programmable logic solutions, including advanced integrated circuits, software design tools, predefined system functions delivered as cores, and unparalleled field engineering support.  Founded in 1984 and headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Xilinx invented the field programmable gate array (FPGA) and commands more than half of the world market for these devices today.   Xilinx solutions enable customers to reduce significantly the time required to develop products for the computer, peripheral, telecommunications, networking, industrial control, instrumentation, high-reliability/military, and consumer markets.  For more information, visit the Xilinx web site at  

Xilinx Contact
Mike Seither
408) 879-6557

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