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Easy-to-use Data Protection System reduces system downtime, protects valuable data, improves customer service costs.

MILPITAS, Calif., December 14, 1998 – Reinforcing its leadership position in desktop PC storage and commitment to reliability, Quantum Corporation (NMS:QNTM) today announced the Fireball™ Plus KA hard disk drive (HDD) with Quantum's new Data Protection System (DPS).

Fireball Plus KA is a 7200 RPM Ultra ATA/66 HDD, in capacities ranging from 6.4 GB to 18.2 GB, that combines Quantum's fastest desktop performance with all of Quantum's reliability innovations including the award winning Shock Protection System (SPS™) and the new Data Protection System (DPS).

The Quantum Data Protection System quickly and easily determines Quantum hard drive functionality in PCs that exhibit system failure.

"Reports vary from drive maker to drive maker, and also vary by customer type and channel, but we estimate that well in excess of 50 percent of the hard disk drives returned to manufacturers for repair or replacement are not actually defective," according to John Monroe, chief analyst for rigid disk drives at Dataquest.

"Quantum's DPS will help system users to protect their data," said Young Sohn, president, Enterprise and Personal Storage Group (EPSG) at Quantum. "Additionally, DPS and SPS will reduce customer service costs for our OEM, distribution and reseller partners."

"Considering that a significant number of returned drives are not defective, Quantum's Data Protection System (DPS) will bring an advantage to HP customers. This feature will allow HP to offer superior customer service while lowering support costs," said Bruno Duverge, customer satisfaction manager, Hewlett-Packard, Commercial Computing Division.

Data Protection System is resident on the Fireball Plus KA, the recently announced Fireball CR, and will be available on future generations of Quantum HDDs. In addition, DPS will be available on Quantum's web site for downloading to test all Quantum desktop drives built during the last 2 years.

"Quantum's DPS, by accurately assessing the functionality of the disk drive when a PC malfunctions, will result in lowering the potential of putting someone's productivity and their data at risk by removing the disk drive," said Young Sohn. "Additionally, DPS will improve productivity for our distribution and reseller partners by pinpointing the true system problem at the customer site, and reduce customer service costs."

"Identifying the true source of a system failure when it happens is critical to keeping our business running efficiently," said Tom Thomas, senior vice president and CIO, 3-Com Corp.

"It is essential that our customers maintain the highest levels of system utilization and DPS will help us achieve this by reducing the system downtime due to incorrect diagnosis of drive problems," said Edward Gurary, CEO of Legend Micro, a value added reseller. "Quantum's hard disk drive reliability innovations, such as Shock Protection System and DPS, have helped us expand our market and provide even greater efficiency in our customer support operation which differentiates us from the VAR across town."

Fireball Plus KA is available in capacities of 6.4 GB up to 18.2 GB and features magnetoresistive (MR) heads and 8.5 millisecond (ms) average seek time for fast throughput. Sohn said, "Fireball Plus KA offers workstation HDD performance for desktop systems with innovations like SPS, and now DPS, that surpass customer expectations for quality and reliability."

Pricing and Availability
Quantum's Fireball Plus KA is backed by a three-year limited warranty. Fireball Plus KA drives are available for customer evaluation with full volume availability in late first quarter 1999. Estimated retail pricing for the 18.2 GB is $399.00

About Quantum
Founded in 1980, Quantum Corporation ( is a diversified mass storage company with leadership positions in both fixed and removable storage markets. Quantum is the highest volume global supplier of hard disk drives for personal computers, a leading supplier of high capacity hard drives and the worldwide revenue leader among all classes of tape drives. The company sells a broad range of storage products to OEM and distribution customers worldwide. Quantum's sales for the fiscal year ending March 1998 were $5.8 billion.

The foregoing statements regarding future technology and products, the capabilities, availability, and potential for reduced costs based on those products are forward looking statements and actual results could vary. Factors which could affect actual results include the successful completion of remaining development efforts, the ability to successfully incorporate new technology into products, market acceptance of the products, the price/performance characteristics of the products and competitive product offerings.

Quantum and the Quantum logo are trademarks of Quantum Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries.


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