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Company News


Lexmark Completes CommerceNet Catalog Interoperability Pilot, begins Phase II


Will now focus on easier ways to bring technology to a greater variety of customers

LEXINGTON, Ky., Dec. 8, 1998 -- Lexmark International today announced the completion of its catalog interoperability pilot program with CommerceNet, four government agencies and other technology companies, announced earlier this year. The pilot was designed so that customers could search for and compare various types of products offered by multiple Internet vendors by using a single catalog system.

Lexmark participated in this pilot program, limited to government purchasing organizations, to help develop technology that would improve and simplify the buying process for these customers. “Government purchasers were very pleased they could search for products from several catalogs, based on their defined criteria,” says Brent Beckwith, global manager of e-commerce and web development at Lexmark. “This made their searches much easier and that’s why Lexmark participated in this program -- to make it easier for customers to find the products they need.”

Lexmark will now participate in Phase II of the pilot by helping to develop customer-driven marketing requirements for the system, as well as to develop a complete sales transaction system. “We were extremely pleased Lexmark joined us in the first pilot in April and are excited about continuing our relationship in the second phase,” said Ron Parsons, director, business development portfolio consultant, CommerceNet.

For the first phase of the pilot, Lexmark developed common printer descriptions and specifications, provided an XML-enabled Product Database, integrated Veo Systems software to allow aggregation of the multiple catalogs, and tested the completed system.

Lexmark International, Inc., is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of printer solutions and products, including laser, inkjet and dot-matrix printers and associated consumable supplies for the office and home markets. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lexmark International Group, Inc. (NYSE: LXK). Lexmark, which had sales of $2.4 billion in 1996, has executive offices and a manufacturing center in Lexington, Ky.; other manufacturing centers are in Boulder, Colo.; Juarez, Mexico; Rosyth, Scotland; Orleans, France and Sydney, Australia. More information about Lexmark can be found on the company's home page at on the Internet.


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Catherine Stewart


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