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ROY, Utah, December 15, 1998— Iomega Corporation (IOM: NYSE) today announced U.S. shipments of its new Zip® 250MB drives and disks, an extension of its popular Zip product line. With two and one-half times the capacity of the original Zip 100MB drive, the Zip 250 drive uses new Zip 250MB disks. The Zip 250 drives also read and write to Zip 100MB disks, ensuring that current customers who use the new Zip 250 drive still have the ability to share information with family, friends and colleagues. The Zip 250 drives and disks will be available to consumers this week.

The Iomega Zip® 250 drive is based on the Zip 100 platform and offers all the features and benefits of the original Zip 100MB drive, one of the fastest growing computer peripherals. The Zip 250 drive includes one Zip 250MB disk, IomegaWare™ software on CD, and Norton™ Zip® Rescue software on CD, the easiest way to rescue your IBM-compatible PC when it does not start properly. RecordIt™ software is also included on CD. RecordIt software is the coolest way to record and play back voice and/or music on your computer from your Zip disk or hard drive.

The new high capacity Zip® 250 drives and disks are the answer for burgeoning file-size demands that are being driven by the exponential growth in the size of computer applications, the emergence of audio and video files and the proliferation of Web downloads.

"Iomega's Zip 250 drive is an exciting addition to our current line of Zip solutions because of what it offers our customers—higher capacity, faster performance and compatibility with more than 125 million Zip disks already shipped," said Edward D. Briscoe, president of Iomega's personal storage division. "With the introduction of the Zip 250 drive, Iomega is responding to customer needs by continuing to provide them with portable and easy-to-use storage solutions. We're pleased that the Zip 250MB drive is shipping on schedule."

The new Zip® 250MB drive is available for an estimated street price of $199 (U.S.). For optimal performance, Iomega is offering Zip 250MB disks for an estimated street price of $19.95 (U.S.) each and plans to offer Zip 250 MB disks as low as $16.65 (U.S.) each when purchased in a 6-pack. Iomega's line of popular Zip 100MB drives and disks are available worldwide through most major distributors, retailers, and catalogs. The Zip 100MB drive, the preferred choice in portable storage solutions, will continue to be available for value conscious customers who need a safe place to keep their valuable files.

With 20 million Zip® drives and over 125 million Zip disks shipped worldwide, the Iomega Zip® drive is the only portable storage solution that is available for virtually any computer and is accessible at all leading service bureaus. Zip drives are used at home and work and have become a popular choice for any Windows- or Macintosh-based PC.

Iomega Zip® 100MB drives can be found as a standard or optional feature in PC models from all leading desktop OEMs and from many notebook PC manufacturers, including Acer, Apple, Chicony, Clevo, Compaq, Dell, Fujitsu, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Micron, NEC, Sharp, Siemens Nixdorf and UMAX. In addition, the notebook Zip drive is available from CNF Technologies for notebook computers manufactured by Compaq, IBM and Toshiba; and from VST Technologies for notebook computers manufactured by Apple and IBM. Iomega branded notebook Zip® drives are now available for certain IBM, Toshiba and Compaq notebook computers.

Extending beyond the PC to any product with a need for high capacity removable storage, Zip® drives are also available for a group of non-PC products, including stand-alone scanners, printers and set-top boxes.

About Iomega
Iomega Corporation (NYSE:IOM) manufactures and markets the award-winning Zip®, Jaz® and Ditto® drives and disks that help people to organize, manage, create, exchange and share their important information. Used in homes, businesses, government, education, and by creative professionals everywhere, Iomega storage solutions are the enabling technologies preferred by millions. The Company can be reached at 1-800-MY-STUFF (800-697-8833), or on the Web at


Iomega Contact
Joe Bartenhagen, Iomega Corporation
(801) 332-4240

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