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Next Generation Call Center to Set Standard in Industry for Customer Care

TAMPA, FL and SANTA CLARA, CA (December 2, 1998) - Intermedia Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: ICIX), one of the nation's fastest growing telecommunications companies, and Edify Corporation (Nasdaq: EDFY), a global leader in enterprise self service solutions, announced today that the first of Intermedia's regional call centers in Tampa is now in operation providing world-class service to Intermedia's customers. This call center, designed to set the standard in the industry for customer care, utilizes Edify's Electronic Workforce/LS for interactive voice response (IVR), the Genesys Suite from Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories for computer telephony integration (CTI), and other best-of-breed Windows NT®-based industry standard components to provide a mission-critical, 24 hour, 7-day a week customer care solution for Intermedia's growing network of customers. "Our call centers are intelligently routing calls to the appropriate customer service representatives (CSRs) who have right at their fingertips the information about the customer that they need to respond to the call," said Susan Hughes, Intermedia's vice president of Customer Operations. "We are saving our customers time on the phone and giving them the exceptionally high level of service they have come to expect from Intermedia."

Edify's Electronic Workforce/LS and CTI technology from Genesys integrates with front office software from Clarify and a VisualBasic CSR desktop to provide a seamless customer service solution. Edify's IVR application along with Genesys' CTI uses the customer's dialed-number (DNIS) and identification number as well as the customer's response to prompts about the problem to route the call to an appropriate CSR. By tightly integrating with the Clarify front office system and the VisualBasic desktop, the Edify IVR application enables the CSR to view a profile of the customer's service while addressing the call. If the customer is calling to report a service outage, the CSR provides the customer with a tracking number, which the customer can subsequently use to get an automated update on estimated repair time. "With our partner Genesys, we provided Intermedia with a highly scaleable solution that automates customer service and manages the overall customer relationship," said George Fan, director of call center marketing. "Our solution frees companies from their reliance on proprietary hardware enabling them to quickly and cost-effectively deploy applications that can adapt to the rapid changes occurring in call centers today."

The Window NT platform supports the open architecture for the components of the Intermedia call center providing ease of use, low total cost of ownership, scaleability, reliability and security. "Intermedia's advanced call center, serving a growing number of customers in a 24 by 7 environment, demonstrates the excellent scalability of Microsoft® Windows NT for mission critical call center applications," said Holly Henson, group manager of enterprise applications at Microsoft Corp. "It is further evidence of NT's continued penetration in this growing market."

During the coming months, Intermedia plans to replicate the Tampa call center success with other call centers nationwide, which will ultimately be connected into one virtual call center.

About Electronic Workforce/LS
Edify's Electronic Workforce/LS, a robust application development and run time platform specifically designed for large call centers, integrates with front and back office systems and databases, and supports multiple access options including the telephone, the Web, e-mail, fax, and pager. Electronic Workforce/LS is based on Microsoft Windows NT, and is highly scaleable, secure, and Year 2000 compliant.

About Intermedia Communications
Intermedia Communications is one of the nation's fastest growing telecommunications companies, providing integrated telecommunications solutions to business and government customers. These solutions include voice and data, local and long distance, and advanced network access services in major US markets. Intermedia Communications' enhanced data portfolio, including frame relay networking, ATM, and a full range of business Internet connectivity and web hosting services, offers seamless end-to-end service virtually anywhere in the world. Intermedia Communications is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Intermedia is on the World Wide Web at


Intermedia Contact
John Strickling
(813) 829-2864
Intermedia Communications

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