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Company News


Intergraph Corporation Unveils Faster ImageStation™ ZIII, Powerful Digital Photogrammetry Workstation


New System Builds on Reputation for Providing World-Class Photogrammetric Production Systems on Windows NT

HUNTSVILLE, Ala., Dec. 1, 1998 -- Intergraph Corporation announced today its ImageStation ZIII, the most powerful digital photogrammetric workstation on the market. The ImageStation ZIII features the highest-speed processing and the smoothest stereo roam in the industry, providing faster aerotriangulation and production of feature data and DTM data.

The new version features dual Pentium II Xeon 450 MHz processors, Intel's latest generation of processors for workstations, making the ZIII 25 to 33 percent faster than its predecessor, the ImageStation ZII. Other standout features include new disk drive configurations and double the memory. The ZIII includes a system disk drive with a capacity of 9.1 GB, and two 18.2 GB data drives, providing almost 60 percent more local storage capacity and 256 MB of memory.

Available with single or dual screen configurations, passive or active stereo glasses, and either 21", or panoramic 24" or 28" monitors, the ZIII is at the top of Intergraph's photogrammetry hardware line. "We continue to lead the industry in providing state-of-the-art photogrammetry products," said Lewis Graham, executive vice-president of Intergraph's Mapping and Geoengineering division. "The ImageStation ZIII gives our customers the most powerful photogrammetry machine available and the flexibility to increase speed as the Xeon processors grow faster."

Product availability The ImageStation ZIII is now shipping and is available from Intergraph sales representatives worldwide. For more information about this product and Intergraph's full line of hardware and software solutions, visit Intergraph at or call 800-208-8971.

Intergraph Background Information
A computer industry pioneer, Intergraph Corporation provides comprehensive engineering, mapping/GIS, and IT solutions for the process and building, utilities and transportation industries, and local and national governments. For desktop or enterprise solutions, Intergraph offers software, computers, support, consulting, and training services. Industry analysts consistently rank Intergraph as a top solutions provider in the markets the company has served for three decades.

Intergraph common stock trades on The NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol: INGR. Visit our web site at for more information.


Intergraph Contact
Shannon Clemons

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