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The Viper V550 Receives "MVP Award" and the Viper V330 Walks Away with the "Best Buy" Honor

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- November 24, 1998 -- Diamond Multimedia Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIMD), a leader in interactive multimedia acceleration and PC entertainment, announced today that the Diamond Viper V550 high-performance, 2D/3D graphics accelerator received PC Computing magazine's "MVP Award" as the top 3D hardware gaming accelerator in the December 1998 issue. The Viper V550 graphics accelerator is powered by NVIDIA's RIVA TNTTM graphics processor. PC Computing affirmed the Viper V550's success by stating, "Prepare for lift-off. Diamond's Viper V550 3D graphics accelerator lets you have it all: blazing performance and high resolutions. Its support for the newest gaming enhancements means you get a realistic picture at a beautiful 1024-by-768 resolution."

The Viper V330 also received accolades for its outstanding graphics performance at an impressive price. The 2D/3D graphics powerhouse was awarded Computer Shopper's "Best Buy of 1998 Award" in the "Best Peripherals/Components category," and represents a triumph over some of the leading companies in the high-tech industry.

"The Computer Shopper Best Buy Awards are designed to recognize those companies whose products offer technological excellence as well as superior value to the customer," said Al DiGuido, executive vice president and group publisher of Computer Shopper.

"We are very excited that our Viper line of graphics accelerators has been recognized by leading industry magazines as the ultimate in 2D/3D solutions for consumers," stated Scott Vouri, vice president and general manager of core graphics at Diamond Multimedia. "The Viper series provides an award-winning, high-performance solution for consumers and gaming enthusiasts, as well as more demanding commercial applications."

The Viper V550

The Viper V550, available in AGP and PCI versions, features NVIDIA's RIVA TNT processor, the first single-chip 128-bit 3D processor able to process two pixels per clock cycle to provide true single-pass multi-texturing for exceptional 3D realism. Scaleable, true-color resolutions of up to 1920x1200, ultra-fast fill rates up to 180 million pixels-per-second and an enhanced dual 32-bit color 3D pipeline all contribute to the Viper V550's spectacular performance and visual quality output.

The Diamond Viper V550 also delivers a full hardware triangle set-up engine, full screen anti-aliasing, anisotropic filtering, 24-bit Z-buffer, 8-bit stencil buffer, bump mapping, MPEG-1 playback, TV output and more. With an integrated 250MHz DAC, Diamond's new Viper V550 graphics accelerator is fully optimized for the industry's most popular Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), including OpenGL® and Microsoft's Direct3D®. In addition, Diamond's new accelerator is multimedia upgradeable with the company's DTV2000 TV Tuner/video capture card. The AGP version of the Viper V550 also ships with Zoran's SoftDVD software.

The Viper V330

Diamond Multimedia's Viper V330 mainstream graphics accelerator, powered by NVIDIA's RIVA 128 chip, is a true 128-bit solution for accelerating 2D/3D graphics and MPEG-1 digital video playback. Featuring SGRAM memory, Diamond's Viper is capable of displaying resolutions up to 1600x1200 for 32-bit true-color and 1920x1200 for 16-bit high color. The 250MHz RAMDAC on-board provides flicker-free refresh rates up to 200Hz. The Viper V330 is fully optimized for Windows 95/98 and Windows NT 4.0 environments offering a complete 3D features set with alpha-blending, anti-aliasing, Z-buffering, Gouraud shading, hardware triangle set up and more, for smoother more defined visuals. The Viper enhances most games and software with drivers for DirectX 5.0, including Direct 3D and OpenGL and is DVD upgradeable.

About Diamond Multimedia

Diamond Multimedia is driving the interactive multimedia market by providing advanced solutions for home, business and professional desktop computer users, enabling them to create, access and experience compelling new media content from their desktops and through the Internet. Diamond accelerates multimedia from the Internet to the user with products that include the Stealth and Viper® series of media accelerators, the Monster series of entertainment 3D and sound accelerators, the Fire series of professional 3D accelerators, the Micronics series of system boards, the Supra ® series of modems, and the HomeFree line of home networking products. Diamond's common stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol DIMD, and its web site address is


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