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ROUND ROCK, Texas, Dec. 21, 1998 --Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq:DELL), the world's leading direct computer systems company, and America Online, (NYSE: AOL), the world's leading interactive service, announced a new multi-year marketing agreement to feature AOL on Dell consumer computers sold in the United States and Canada.

Beginning today, Dell® Dimension® and Inspiron® systems will ship with CDs that contain AOL 4.0 software and include 100 free hours to use in the first month of the AOL service, and early next year Dell users will be able to access a pre-installed, customized version of the AOL 4.0 software that features links to Dell's web services as part of Dell's ConnectDirect (SM) program. ConnectDirect is a wide-ranging technology initiative to provide Dell customers with fast, easy and personalized access to the Internet.

"We are very pleased with this new relationship with Dell, one of the most respected brands in the PC industry," said Steve Case, America Online chairman and CEO. "With more and more consumers purchasing computers specifically to go online, our relationship with Dell will make it easier than ever for consumers to access AOL and get connected."

"Our goal is to enable Dell customers to be on the Internet within minutes of turning on their machines and to offer them a choice of best-of-class Internet services," said Michael Dell, chairman and CEO. "AOL combines reliable access with strong content."

About Dell Computer Corporation
Ranked No. 125 among the Fortune 500 companies and No. 363 in the Fortune Global 500, Dell Computer Corporation is the world's leading direct computer systems company, based on revenues of $16.8 billion for the past four quarters. Dell designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. Information on Dell and its products can be obtained through its toll-free number 1-800-388-8542 or by accessing the Dell World Wide Web site at

About America Online
America Online, Inc., based in Dulles, Virginia, is the world's leader in branded interactive services and content. America Online, Inc. operates two worldwide Internet online services: America Online, with 13.5 million members; and CompuServe, with approximately 2 million members. America Online, Inc. also operates AOL Studios, a leading builder of Internet brands for new market segments. Other branded Internet services operated by America Online, Inc. include AOL.COM, the world's most accessed Web site from home; Digital City, Inc., the No. 1 branded local content network and community guide on AOL and the Internet; AOL NetFind, AOL's comprehensive guide to the Internet; AOL Instant Messenger, an instant messaging tool available on both AOL and the Internet; and ICQ, an instant communication and chat technology on the Internet.


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Dell Computer Corp.
One Dell Way
Round Rock, TX

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