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Parametric Search Underpins Effort to Speed Design Decisions

SAN JOSE, California, November 23, 1998 -- Cypress Semiconductor
Corporation [NYSE: CY] today announced the reconfiguration of its web
site to give design engineers faster and easier
access to data sheets, application notes, and other technical
information, reducing their time-to-design, time-to-market, and

The site is anchored by a variety of search engines and options,
including multiple text searches, searches by full or partial part
number, and a parametric search engine, which enables engineers to
search for parts based on criteria such as speed, density, power,
pinout, packaging, and budgetary pricing. Engineers can access online
product training modules and, for some product lines, request samples.

"Cypress is an organization of engineers, and we know how
important the web is in today's engineering environment," said Dan
McCranie, executive vice president, sales and marketing. "We have
invested substantially in our site to provide our customers with the
electronic data and tools they need to reduce the time it takes to make
profitable, winning design decisions. We are committed to providing
engineers with timely, accurate data accessible in the format of their

Each month the Cypress site receives nearly 2 million hits,
hosting 75,000 unique visits, or "sessions," up more than 75-fold from
its kick-off in August 1995. Cypress communicated extensively with
engineers to better understand their needs: More than 2,000 respondents
completed a detailed web survey, answering questions on search tools,
navigation aids, and format preferences for downloading technical data.
The retooled Cypress site will feature a similar survey.

The Cypress site features sections that meet the information
needs of all the company's core constituencies, including OEM buyers,
international users, investors, job seekers, and the media. New or
redesigned sections include a Japanese-language mirror site, an online
store, and an investor forum. The forum is accessible through the
investor relations page, a click away from the home page. Questions
posted to the forum will be answered by
Dan McCranie.

The Cypress site provides access to information about the
company's portfolio of 3,500 available parts, including combinations of
temperature specification, speed grade, and package type. Site visitors
download roughly 3,000 data sheets each day Monday-through-Friday, the
equivalent of about 30,000 pages of technical information.

Cypress is proceeding with plans to expand the site further to
one with database-driven content. This will further customize the
information available to visitors and interface seamlessly with back-end
systems the company is installing to enable its sales and marketing
personnel to collect more-detailed customer data directly from the

"More engineers continue to demand more information via the
web," McCranie concluded. "Cypress remains committed to providing
printed support material, and we value opportunities to communicate with
engineers on an individual basis through our technical staff in the
field. But we hope our revamped web site provides time-effective access
to data and technical solutions in an engineering, investment, and
information culture driven increasingly by the availability of
electronic information."

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation is an international supplier
of high-performance integrated circuits headquartered in San Jose,
California. The company serves leading computer, networking, and
telecommunications companies, providing static RAM and specialty
memories; programmable logic devices (PLDs); data communications
products; and FCT logic; timing devices; and USB microcontrollers. Its
shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CY.


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